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Find Good Stuff for Unique Halloween Costumes at Goodwill of Orange County

Make Unique Costumes for Halloween at Goodwill. It Is All about Your Creativity.

Goodwill of Orange County has made it easy to find the perfect costume. You’ll be happy to find that their Halloween pop-up shops are organized by costume themes and styles. Plus they’ve stocked lots of new wigs, beards, bow ties, hats, make up kits, and fake blood to complete your look. Never find many others wearing the same costumes again at your next Halloween party! Just watch this video! … Read more.

Wondering what to donate?

Join the Donation Celebration: Let It Go!

Watch this really FUN video then join us in the Donation Celebration and let it go! Spring is the time to let go of everything you have stacked in your closet! Help yourself and your community: donate what you don’t need to Goodwill… Read more.

#Repurpose4Good Celebrating Earth Month

What better way to celebrate Earth Month than in the company of a very creative group of people; people who love to repurpose, protect the environment and give back to the community. That is exactly how we spent the afternoon of April 24th. Seven ladies, all local Orange County bloggers, visited us at the recently renovated OC Goodwill Boutique aka Keepers and the Goodwill store both in Lake Forest… Read more.

Goodwill’s “Enduring Independence” Veterans Program is first-ever to link OC employers to “Vet Advantages”

While the rest of the nation celebrated Independence Day last week, we at Goodwill of Orange County did even more to honor our nation’s heroes. We launched the “Enduring Independence” national Veterans’ pilot program at our annual Invitational Golf Tournament… Read more.

Smashmobbing Our Headquarters

It was a room full of women having a ball. Literally! Twenty social media influencers were tossing colorful balls at each other in the first-ever smash mob at Goodwill of Orange County. Employees happily joined in! Why? To learn about Goodwill’s awesome mission, of course! While Goodwill has a serious purpose, that of training people facing barriers and getting them employed, everyone at Goodwill is determined to have fun while achieving it. That’s why we love smash mobs! … Read more.

Recycle Old Electronics and Receive Two Good Any One Day Tickets to the Toshiba Classic

Donate your e-waste and receive two Good Any One Day tickets to the Toshiba Classic. Goodwill of Orange County is partnering with the Toshiba Classic to collect thousands of pounds of e-waste. The recycling drive reinforces the need for environmental responsibility in properly disposing of outdated, unused or broken electronics… Read more.

Community Youth Donation Drives

A couple of years ago, Goodwill of Orange County extended its reach into the community by working with local schools to help raise funds for their programs. Goodwill donation drives quickly became the simple and fast way to raise money to support programs for athletics, music or theater programs, just to name a few — to ensure that students can take full advantage of culturally and socially rich experiences. At the same time students and their families help to support Goodwill’s mission helping people facing barriers to employment get and keep jobs, because the donated goods collected can be resold in Goodwill stores. Read more.

Roadmap to Success

Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra once said, “If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” While Yogi had a unique way of mangling logic, he was essentially right about direction. At Goodwill we spend a great deal of time defining our strategies and making decisions on how to best allocate our resources—all with one goal in mind: serve more people in the community. Read more.

Valentine’s Fashions from Goodwill

Hello everyone! Nicole here from the Wardrobe Code. Although the “holiday” season has passed, February happens to be synonymous with that one special holiday dedicated to L.O.V.E. Read more.

Free Federal and State Tax Filing Assistance

According to the International Revenue Service (IRS), more than 80 percent of taxpayers pay agencies to prepare their taxes or purchase tax preparation software. That is money you can use to pay bills and save for future expenses such as retirement or education. At Goodwill of Orange County we make it easy it is to file your taxes for free, and get your refund quickly! Read more.