Goodwill Team Thrives at High Park Tap House

You’ve never met a more joyful group of people.

Andrew, Lauren, Rachel and Glenn bring an infectious joy to work each day. They don’t take their responsibilities of polishing and rolling silverware, cleaning tables, filling salt and pepper shakers, and preparing the restaurant for service every day for granted.

The team works at High Park Tap House in Mission Viejo, a community favorite for its delicious American food, collection of craft brews and dozens of TVs to catch any game.

Owners John and Valorie Green know they lucked out with their morning crew.

“It would be impossible for us to find a better group of individuals to work here,” said Valorie. “They begin each day with such enthusiasm and a zealous energy to get to work. It’s hard not to smile when Andrew, Lauren, Rachel and Glenn are around.”

The team of four came to High Park Tap House in September 2015 through a partnership with Goodwill of Orange County’s Community-Based Services Program. This unique program provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity to achieve their highest levels of personal and economic independence, while simultaneously providing local businesses the opportunity to hire well-qualified and motivated employees.

Since 1990, the program has helped thousands of individuals gain valuable job skills and enjoy the pride and dignity that comes from meaningful employment.

People like Andrew, Lauren, Rachel and Glenn.

Side-by-side with a Goodwill job coach, the team arrives at High Park Tap House Monday through Friday at 9 a.m. ready to get to work. The group’s job coach supervises and provides a helping hand should any challenges come up during the day’s work.

What became apparent very quickly was how capable and driven the team was.

“We could see from the very beginning that this group wanted a chance to show off all they can do,” said John. “They caught on to all their job tasks quickly and have since been thriving. They are eager to take on new responsibilities and they always do a great job.”

“We enjoy having them on our team tremendously,” said Valorie. “And so do our customers. They have become very fond of the group and look forward to seeing them.”

Andrew, Lauren, Rachel and Glenn are enthusiastic and dedicated to their work at High Park Tap House. Through their jobs, they earn not only a paycheck, but also a sense of independence and pride they didn’t imagine was possible.

High Park Tap House is located at 23641 Via Linda, Mission Viejo.

If your business is interested in connecting with Goodwill of Orange County’s Community-Based Services Program, contact Eric Basaillon, Business Development Manager at (715) 541-2540 ext. 2125 or at

This story originally published in the July 2017 issue of Coto Living.


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