A Name Worth Knowing: Chef Dore

Chef Dore Sommers is a name worth knowing. He is the Executive Chef for First American, an influential partner to Goodwill of Orange County and the kind of person who leaves an impact on everyone he meets.

Chef Dore enthusiastically welcomed three Goodwill program particpants to his team back in 2015 to work alongside him in the Café at First American Financial Corporation. The café team works together seamlessly, serving more than a thousand people a day.

To hear him talk about the beneifts and contributions made by his team is truly inspiring. His positive demeanor and desire to help each individual on this team reach their full potential regardless of barrier, disability or obstacle is infectious.

The individuals on his team are constantly learning new skills to succeed in food service industry; they are quick to share that they never knew how much they could accomplish before joining Chef Dore’s team.

It is clear to everyone who meets him that Chef Dore loves what he does and who he gets to work with. He is invested in each of his team memebrs, working with them side by side to help them see their ability, not their disability.

He has pushed and challenged his team to take on tasks outside their comfort zone, strive for goals beyond expectations and be the best they can be. The employment opportunities, support, and advocacy and compassion he demonstrates for people with disabilities is inspiring to all. His passion and enthusiasm to change lives through the power of work makes him a name worth knowing.

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