One Extraordinary Day: Timothy’s Story

March 24 was an exhausting, but successful day for Timothy.

It took just one day for Timothy to find a job. But it wasn’t easy.

The day began with Timothy meeting his Goodwill of Orange County Job Developer. She drove him to the One Stop Employment Agency in Downey. There, after a successful interview, Timothy was offered a full-time position at Fullerton Baking Co. working on the brownie finish line. He happily accepted the new job – excited for the opportunities that lay ahead.

The Employment Agency shared that by the start of his first shift on Monday morning, he was required to have slip-resistant and oil-resistant work boots.

Timothy was in a bind. He had no money and no way of affording these new boots.

With Tanya by his side, they put their heads together to figure out how to get him what he needed to start this new job.

As they were driving back to Orange County, Tanya and Timothy contacted his counselor from the Department of Rehabilitation for an emergency shoe voucher.

While waiting to hear back from the Department of Rehabilitation, Timothy mentioned that he had not eaten all day. Without hesitation, Tanya made a bee-line for the closest restaurant.

Tanya was demonstrating to Timothy a key Goodwill trait: Goodwill’s team of employment specialists will go above-and-beyond to help him get what he needed – not only a job, but now a warm meal.

As they were leaving the restaurant, Timothy received a call from his Department of Rehabilitation counselor that he would be awarded a money voucher, but in order to cash it in, he had to get the shoe retailer by 3:00 p.m.

He and Tanya rushed through Friday afternoon traffic to the Department of Rehabilitation office in Anaheim, picked up the voucher, and headed toward Burlington Coat Factory! The car pulled up at 2:55 p.m.! Just in time.

Timothy found the best pair of boots, well within budget and perfect for his first day of work Monday morning.

A Lifetime of Challenges

Before this whirlwind day, Timothy was at a low point in his life.

He struggled in school with a learning disability. Then, Timothy was victim to a random act of violence that left him nearly dead. He’s had multiple surgeries and still battles insecurities with his appearance, especially in job interviews.

He had no stable place to live, he was moving from couch to couch with friends and family.

Even though he endured extreme hardship in his life, Timothy was always well dressed and was never without a positive attitude.

He came to Goodwill of Orange County as a referral from the Department of Rehabilitation and enrolled in Goodwill’s Job Placement program. He was ready to find a great job.

He quickly completed Goodwill’s training course to be a sales associate in one the local Goodwill of Orange County stores. With previous experience in landscaping, warehouse and custodian work, Timothy thrived in the Goodwill environment.

No one would have known he faced such adversity by how hardworking, motivated and positive he was day in and day out.

In early March, he transferred to Goodwill’s job development program ready for a new opportunity. He began going to the computer lab weekly.

Ready for the Future

Back to March 24. Tanya is honored to have been alongside Timothy on his extraordinary job journey.

She shares, “I am so humbled and overjoyed to have been able to be part of his day filled with adventure and excitement.”

Timothy attended his job orientation Monday morning wearing his brand new boots.

With a bright future ahead of him, Tanya will continue to provide follow up job support and help Timothy find a place he can call his own!

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