Finding Confidence in His Abilities: Jaime’s Story

Jaime has been a part of the Goodwill of Orange County family for more than 15 years. He is enrolled in Goodwill’s Ticket to Work program, an employment program for people with disabilities and Social Security disability benefits who are interested and excited to get to work. The goal of this program is to help people like Jaime find meaningful jobs and an increased level of self-sufficiency.

When he first came to Goodwill, Jaime shared that his favorite pastime was reading; he spent most of his free time with a book in his hands. Fittingly, Goodwill found him a job as a book scanner with its e-commerce site,

Jaime worked and excelled in this position until 2016 when he traveled to the Philippines to visit family. When he came back he was ready for a new job and new responsibilities.

Jaime worked closely with his employment specialist, North to find the right fit. He soon found a great job at the Orange County Register as a Materials Handler.

One day, Jaime received a bill from the Social Security Administration (SSA) asking for $2,000 because of an overpayment on his case. He knew something wasn’t right and contacted Goodwill’s Ticket to Work Program Certified Benefits Counselor Chris Stoner for help.

After a thorough review, Stoner provided Jamie with the specific documentation to take to the Social Security office and appeal the overpayment on his account.

Jamie was worried that he would not be able to effectively communicate his appeal to the SSA and wondered, “Will they believe me?”

With training, counseling and encouragement from Goodwill, Jaime gained a better understanding of the error and how to make his appeal.

He confidently walked into the SSA office and presented his appeal documents.

However, when Jamie received a second letter in the mail, he again contacted the team at Goodwill he had grown close to. The team did not hesitate to help and quickly arranged a conference call with SSA and Jamie to help gets his case resolved.

Jaime, with Goodwill’s Benefits Counseling team by his side, was able to get the SSA to correct the error in his file and cancel the overpayment.

What’s even better — instead of owing money, the SSA found that he was actually DUE hundreds of overpayment dollars!

Jamie’s overjoyed response was, “I won!”

Using the tools, training and guidance from Goodwill’s Ticket to Work program and team, Jaime was able to address an issue head on and tackle the problem! For the first time, he did not feel limited by his disabilities, but confident in himself and his capabilities.

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