Chevron Partners with Goodwill To Provide Purpose, Pride and Dignity

What makes a partnership powerful is a shared vision between both parties; working in unison to accomplish one goal. From the start, Chevron Corporation embraced Goodwill’s mission of putting people with barriers to work.

Back in June of 2015, Chevron began employing three Goodwill Supported Employment program participants with disabilities to work alongside a job coach providing light custodial services and maintenance for its Extra Mile stores.

Justin, Andrew and Allystair, along with their job coach Bernabe, serve 15 Chevron locations from La Habra to Lake Forest, Monday through Friday. Two of the stores are the busiest and highest producing Chevron stories in the country.

It didn’t take long for the work ethic and commitment of these new employees to be recognized and appreciated by the Chevron team. Store managers often express their gratitude and can frequently be heard saying, “I wish you guys were always here.”

The team was originally scheduled to work four days a week, but through hard work and an unwavering enthusiasm to succeed on the job, the team was quickly given the opportunity to work an extra day each week.

Chevron has a very comprehensive safety program and the company takes great pride in promoting a safe work environment. Their trust and belief in Goodwill’s program participants is proven through their support in empowering our team to recognize and report any safety hazards they observe throughout their workday. Since the partnership began, the Goodwill team has never been involved in any type of safety violation or accident. This is a special accomplishment for our team as they work hard every day to complete their daily tasks safely.

The Goodwill team is fully integrated into the Chevron family. This job has given each individual a sense of independence and pride they never knew possible. Justin, Andrew and Allystair are not only committed to the work they do, but look forward to their time on the job every day.

We are grateful for partners like Chevron who give individuals with disabilities the opportunity to find purpose and dignity through work.

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