She’s been dialed in for 30 years as the face, and voice of Goodwill

Wendy has been an integral part of Goodwill of Orange County for 30 years. She is the first face people see when they visit Goodwill’s Career Center in Santa Ana. Her smile greets everyone who has come to Goodwill seeking employment, training or assistance with their resume. Wendy’s warmth and genuine love for people makes every person that walks in the door feel special.

In 1986, Wendy came to Goodwill as a program participant, seeking support and resources to overcome her dyslexia. Wendy felt limited by her disability and unsure of what her future career path would look like.

Through Goodwill’s office skills training course, Wendy soon learned more than office administrative expertise – she learned that her disability would not hold her back and she was capable of finding a job she loved.


After completing the job skills course, Wendy was trained within one of Goodwill’s local stores. Soon after that she was hired as the receptionist/message center clerk at Goodwill of Orange County’s headquarters.

“I’ll always remember that day,” Wendy said. “It was August 13, 1987 and it was the day I started my dream job.”

Since that day, Wendy has been the first face, first voice and first smile seen by many entering Goodwill.

Today, at the front desk of the Career Center, Wendy answers between 25 and 75 calls a day – helping people find the right resource and person to talk to.

“I love meeting so many people,” Wendy says. “I love being able to make them feel special, no matter what challenges or disabilities they are facing, they are special.”

Wendy recalls that since she came to Goodwill she has seen a tremendous change within herself.

“Before Goodwill, I didn’t think I could do much of anything. I didn’t know what career options there were for me. Since I’ve worked here, I have really blossomed,” Wendy said.

“Every day I do what I can, the best that I can. As long as my health allows me to work, I’ll be working here. I really love it.”

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