Adam’s Story: Growing Independent with Goodwill

In 2012, Adam came to Goodwill or Orange County ready and eager to work. He started in Goodwill’s Day Activity Program where he gained valuable experience working in the community at one of Goodwill’s stores in Anaheim. Adam worked in the store for three years, learning the ins-and-outs of how to be successful in a job.


In 2015, Adam was identified as a candidate for Goodwill’s newest program, Competitive Employment Options. This program was created to give people with disabilities the chance to work and excel at well paying jobs with the ongoing, daily support of a trained Goodwill job coach. Designed to help people become more independent, the program reduces the amount of coaching overtime as the necessary skills for the job are gained and mastered.

Adam signed on for this new adventure, excited about the opportunity to become more independent. A Goodwill job developer began the process of finding a job match for Adam – one that met both his interests and skills.

In October of 2015, the perfect fit came along at Chick-Fil-A in Buena Park. Adam aced the interview with his infectious, positive attitude and was hired on the spot. With the help of his job coach, Adam quickly learned all the responsibilities of his new restaurant job, including serving customers and keeping the dining room looking great.

“Adam is such a joy to have in our restaurant. Every day we see him grow and learn,” said Steve Hollins, Adam’s manager. “What I love most is his enthusiasm for growing the business and thinking of new ways we could connect with our community and guests. His positive attitude is refreshing for our team and patrons. We are lucky to have him.”

After a few months, Adam felt confident in his new job skills and had the success to prove that he was ready to start working shifts without the supervision of his job coach. In 2016, Adam was transferred to Goodwill’s Supported Employment where he continues to thrive in his job, working without everyday assistance.

Adam excelled down his pathway to independence, thanks in part to Goodwill of Orange County.

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