Skills for a Lifetime: Froylan Imparts Wisdom to Thousands

After the last customer paid, and the last article of clothing was hung on its rack, that’s when Froylan started his day.

Making his way through Goodwill’s retail stores on the night shift, he meticulously tended to the floors, countertops and restrooms, ensuring each storefront was ready to welcome customers for the next day.

froylanHe then would hop into his 1980 Datsun truck and head off to the next location.

Although that was more than 30 years ago, some things have not changed for Froylan.

Froylan still drives his Datsun truck to work every day and he still has that same acute attention to detail and tenacity for his job that he did when he started with the Custodial Services Department in 1985.

But today he inspires a new generation of employees.

Froylan’s diligent work ethic propelled him to his current role as Custodial Services Supervisor and Trainer after just five years on the job, where he is tasked with training and monitoring the day-to-day work of the custodial team for Goodwill’s Santa Ana headquarters and Career Center.

He works one-on-one with program participants and always starts with the basics: how to use equipment such as brooms, mops and buffers.

Froylan then walks them through how to best clean the offices, windows and restrooms, and the proper way to set up rooms for meetings. He is sure to impress upon the participants the same detail-oriented approach he has employed in his job for more than three decades.

Most importantly, Froylan instills skills that will serve program participants in the workplace and beyond: dedication, perseverance, confidence and pride.

“Being able to show every team member they can achieve their goals, no matter the challenge or the disability, is my favorite part,” Froylan said. “Seeing these participants become more self-sufficient and self-assured is inspiring.”

Froylan currently manages a seven-person team, and goes above and beyond to make sure every team member is successful, enjoys work and feels a part of the Goodwill family.

To develop close-knit working relationships, Froylan spends his breaks and lunch hour with his team members because he enjoys learning about their families, hobbies and lives. A genuine interest in his team is something he said makes for a more positive and effective working environment.

“I love working with them and they love working with me,” Froylan said.

Since Froylan started as a supervisor in 1990, he has mentored more than 1,000 program participants. His unwavering commitment and personalized one-on-one training has helped many in the Goodwill program move on to jobs at other local companies.

“It makes me so proud and happy to see so many people who have come through this Goodwill program thriving,” he said. “I am very grateful to play a role in their success.”

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