Overcoming Incredible Obstacles: Veronica’s Story

Veronica’s life has not been free from obstacles. She has been in and out of prison for more than half of her adult life. Although she knew she faced an uphill battle, she never lost hope.  Little did she know, she would find the answer she needed in the Santa Ana train station.

“I went to the train station and remembered one of my counselors mentioned there was a board there that posted various programs, job openings and resources,“ said Veronica. “I saw Goodwill of Orange County’s General Office Clerk Free Certification flyer and called immediately to ask for more information. Right then, I decided to go to the next class offered.”


Veronica, right, pictured here smiling during one of Goodwill’s General Office Clerk Certification classes.

It was this class that turned Veronica’s life around for the better.

Goodwill’s free General Office Clerk Certification classes teach the basics in technology and communication skills, including how to navigate Microsoft Word and Excel, how to create, save, and print program files and documents, as well as create a standout resume and cover letter.

Veronica knew she did not want to settle and set her expectations high for the program and the knowledge she would gain. She knew she wanted to learn more about computers and to explore the various skills that would help her be able to fill out job applications and ultimately land a great job.

Veronica’s class was led by Raphael, a teacher and job trainer at Goodwill – he was a huge champion and advocate for Veronica’s success.

“He was extremely attentive and worked with me individually until I understood everything,” stated Veronica. “He made the class that much better!”

The class is filled with information and skills that can be used in a multitude of jobs and occupations. From learning professional typing skills to becoming an effective communicator in the workforce, Veronica was learning it all!


Veronica accepts her new certifications with great pride and a big smile!

Her biggest takeaway: EVERYTHING! Every skill and piece of information she learned she says, she utilizes.

“The Lord is moving mountains for me right now,” she shared.

Veronica is currently finishing up school and working part-time at Trinity Broadcast Network as the Pastoral Care Assistant – a job she loves and is grateful for each day.

Her new position requires her to use all her newly gained skills from the course. She works on various research projects, including finding local Orange County churches with internship programs and gathering information about these programs. She logs all the information into an Excel document so her boss can communicate with other stations about the information Veronica discovered.

Everywhere she goes, Veronica recommends Goodwill’s Office Clerk program.

“I’m always telling my testimony to people about how the class helped me so much. If it wasn’t for the basic teachings the class offered, I wouldn’t be prepared for my new job.”

Overcoming the odds and refusing to give up, Veronica found her success through Goodwill and its General Office Clerk Certification classes. The course and the staff enabled her to not only apply for a job, but to succeed in her new job.

Today Veronica says, “I’m truly empowered!”

To find out how you can enroll in an upcoming General Office Clerk Certification Course, reach out to Goodwill’s Training Department today at 714-547-6308 EXT. 322 or training@ocgoodwill.org.

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