Honoring Two Outstanding Goodwill Volunteers – Brian Horton and Rutan & Tucker

The Spirit of Volunteerism Awards take place every April here in Orange County. Each year when the nomination window opens it gives us the opportunity to recognize individuals and groups for their impactful and outstanding commitment to Goodwill of Orange County and our mission of helping people facing barriers find and keep meaningful employment.

This year, we nominated two of our tremendous partners — Brian Horton and Rutan & Tucker.

Brian Horton, a leader in the financial services industry, is good at what he does. His expertise, drive and compassion has both led and supported Goodwill of Orange County to remain steadfast as the largest nonprofit in Orange County.

Brian has served in a variety of capacities on Goodwill’s Board of Directors for 17 years.  Brian has seen the organization grow from an annual revenue of nearly $11 million dollars in 1999, to more than $125 million in 2015.

Brian Horton Photo 2009-Brian was raised in Santa Ana and his professional success has driven his personal commitment to give back to the community where he grew up.

Brian’s depth of financial skills have helped Goodwill dramatically expand services to Orange County’s most needy.  Brian’s knowledge and expertise helped Goodwill secure $17.5 million in tax-exempt bond financing for its state-of-the-art fitness and technology center, serving persons with the most severe disabilities and the remodel of its corporate offices.

Photo by Steven Georges

Brian, left, is pictured here with Goodwill’s Board Chair Tom Salinger and Goodwill’s President and CEO Frank Talarico, Jr. at the renaming ceremony for Goodwill of Orange County’s Rogers A. Severson Fitness & Technology Center. Photo by Steven Georges

Brian has shown much dedication, thoughtful expertise and amazing loyalty to the organization.  He has held leadership positions as Board Chair in 2009-2010 and Treasurer in 2007-2008.  He has served as Chair of the Budget & Finance and Audit Committees and as member of the Investment, Board Development, Executive and Compensation Committees.  Today, he continues to stay engaged on the Budget & Finance Committee.

Brian has been a crucial component to Goodwill’s success for nearly two decades, we are eternally grateful for his dedication, loyalty, and talent.

Thank you for your selfless commitment to Goodwill’s mission, Brian!


For the Giving is Living Award nomination honoring a collaborative partnership between Goodwill and a local company, we nominated Rutan & Tucker.

640px-Logo_of_Rutan_&_TuckerRutan & Tucker’s lawyers are widely known as the best and most effective attorneys in California. The firm’s tradition is one of fresh, strategic thinking and is committed to excellence and integrity. In the framework of Rutan’s values, improving the lives of others in the community is just the right thing to do. Given their exceptional talent and substantial resources, Rutan is proud to set the standard for community involvement.

Rutan & Tucker partnered with Goodwill to make a difference back in 1997. Since then, the firm has committed more than 1,000 volunteer hours to Goodwill of Orange County and provided invaluable support.

Running a large-complex social enterprise business with a mission to help people facing barriers get and keep a job requires both business expertise and a balance of compassion — this is where Rutan & Tucker has made a big difference.

At every turn, Rutan & Tucker has helped Goodwill drive and steer the county’s largest nonprofit to make the biggest impact in the community. They have provided legal counsel on multiple nonprofit business issues, including fund raising, corporate compliance, contracts and employment.

The list of projects/matters upon which Rutan & Tucker has assisted Goodwill is too long to name each one!

One such example is Rutan & Tucker’s help with our corporate compliance system, an essential part of our business and vital to Goodwill’s mission. With the ever-changing laws and Goodwill’s evolving social enterprise, expertise in compliance is critical. Goodwill turned to Rutan & Tucker for this expertise.

Rutan & Tucker staff have spent countless hours helping Goodwill design and create its corporate compliance system. This single-handed effort exceeded 80 hours and involved long distance out of town travel, all at no cost to Goodwill. It is this type of volunteerism and corporate commitment that allows Goodwill to serve the community in the large capacity that it does!

Rutan’s role is to lend Goodwill its expertise in business and legal matters, allowing Goodwill to focus its resources on providing mission services versus legal and business consulting.


Tom Salinger, Goodwill’s Board Chair and Partner at Rutan & Tucker, center, is pictured here at our annual Goodwill Gala.

Goodwill is fortunate to have key Rutan & Tucker staff on its Board of Directors and related Board subcommittees. Tom Salinger, Partner at Rutan & Tucker, currently serves as Goodwill’s Board Chair.

We have learned so much from Rutan & Tucker and in turn, significantly improved our business practices, which has resulted in more mission services which positively impact the community.  Nearly every month, Rutan & Tucker staff help us raise the bar on business practices.

Rutan & Tucker has truly immersed themselves into volunteering and positively influencing Goodwill’s business operations. For this, we are extremely grateful.

We are overwhelmed by the support of Brian Horton and Rutan & Tucker, among the many other partners and supporters for our mission. If you would like to get involved with Goodwill and be a part of our life-changing mission, contact us now at 714.547.6308 Ext. 564.

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