Goodwill Kicks Off Visual Merchandising Class for Retail Team

Styling tips and tricks, mannequin care techniques, and more. Goodwill of Orange County kicked off a new Visual Merchandising Class.

On April 20, Goodwill team members from across its retail stores had the opportunity to learn about a new and exciting career option: Visual Merchandising.

Eric Smissen, Senior Manager of Merchandising and Acquisitions, led the four-hour course and introduced the team to many new aspects of the retail industry.

image001The first part of the class explored the history of Visual Merchandising – where it began and how it has developed throughout the history of retail.

Then Eric led the discussion on specific design concepts to think about when creating store displays. The Goodwill team learned about color theory as well as mannequin assembly and maintenance.

image002The second portion of the class was hands-on! Each participant was given their own mannequin and tasked to dress it for a certain event – themes included going to a job interview, lunch with friends and heading to a child’s school play.

image005The students really excelled here and had fun pulling looks together in the set time frame!

image010The students then worked in groups and collaborated on styling for different age groups. This challenged the students to think outside of their own style and select pieces that would appeal to others.

Throughout the class, Eric also shared tips about working in the Visual Merchandising industry and how to make it a career, interview tips and more.

image011The class ended with a focus on table merchandising and working with different configurations, layouts and mannequin placement based on items they have in the store. Here the students were encouraged to use the uniqueness of the items donated to Goodwill to create a visually-appealing display.

“We want our customers to feel the fun and joy of treasure hunting at Goodwill,” said Eric to the class. “And unique displays within the store can help communicate that.”

image012Overall the class was a success and encouraged each team member to think outside the box, have fun and challenge themselves!

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