Spring Cleaning & Closet Refresh

It’s that time of year, the flowers are blossoming, baby birds chirping, butterflies and bees buzzing around in the air; you can feel this overall sense of renewal and burst of life unfolding all around you. I can say the same about my closet, however it’s bursting with an abundance of clothing and shoes that I most likely no longer need. What should I do with those items? Well, gather them and donate to one of the nearby Goodwill of Orange County donation centers of course!

_MG_4861I’ve gone through that rationalizing process of why I need to hold onto my ‘stuff’ on repeat, but it’s time to let go. And here’s how you can let go of excess clothing, shoes, accessories, knick knacks and things that have just been sitting in your closet or drawers.

Not only are you letting go of those things, but you’ll be contributing to the greater good and helping someone else in need by donating those items to OC Goodwill!

Here’s a step-by-step to doing some closet spring cleaning and reorganizing!

Step 1: Empty Your Closet

Clear a space on the floor or your bed, then take everything, and I mean everything out of your closet and drawers. This way you can see exactly all of the items that you have and it will be much easier for you to sort through and make a decision on what you want to keep, donate or discard.

Step 2: Categorize

Create organized piled by type of clothing; gather all of your tops in one pile, all of your denim in one pile, jackets in one pile, and so on.

Step 3: Sort

One pile at a time, sort through the categorized stacks. If you have not worn the item in at least a year, and do not see yourself wearing it, just place it into the donate pile if in good condition, and discard if it’s all worn out. Do not try to reason with yourself that you could wear that dress to a BBQ or could wear that tank top to a spin class. If you don’t see yourself wearing it on a more regular occurrence or soon, then you know what you need to do. If you come across an item that you completely forgot you even had and you weren’t looking for it, then donate/ discard that item. Distressed clothing is in, but clothing that looks like it has been mauled by a dog is not, if you have anything that is beyond mending or is just completely falling apart, trash it.

Step 4: Re-Organize

Everyone has their preference on how they would like to organize their closet. As much as I would like a color coordinated closet, it has been most useful for me to organize my closet by style of clothing. I sometimes start with color when putting together an outfit, but a majority of the time, I style my outfit based on what type of top or bottom I would like to wear and go from there.

Before putting everything back into your closet and drawers, and if you don’t already have this, try to have all of your hangers be the same style and/or color and pick up soft organizing cubbies to place into your drawers. The uniform hangers will allow you to see your clothes better, as well as efficiently hang your clothes (hangers will slip guards so that clothing doesn’t fall off the hangers, clamp hangers for pants and skirts, etc).

The cubbies or any kind of divider that you can place into your drawers will allow you to utilize the whole space when filling the drawers with multiples types of clothing. For example, if you don’t have enough underwear to fill up an entire drawer, use a divider to separate the underwear from another type of clothing that you can fit into the drawer such as under shirts or camisoles.

Step 5: Fill Up Your Closet

Once you’ve organized your wardrobe space and figured out where you would like to place your clothing, start hanging the clothing by category. You can start with short sleeve blouses, to long sleeve, to button down, to jackets. Do what works for you, I like to have my clothing organized from shortest length to longest length; and also by sleeve length (sleeveless to long sleeve).

Step 6: Refresh Your Wardrobe

Now that you have a more streamlined and organized closet, it’s time to drop off your donations at your nearest OC Goodwill, as well as pick up some pieces to refresh your wardrobe!

When I shop at Goodwill, I usually don’t have a specific item I’m looking for. I just peruse through the racks and see what stands out. I try to find on-trend, but versatile pieces, as well as solid basics that will last me awhile and replace any basics that I donated or threw out.

IMG_4886On my latest trip, I found an amazing selection of lightweight outerwear that is easy to wear from spring to summer.

IMG_4898IMG_4900I also scored a handful of dresses and rompers (solid, crochet, and floral print) and great casual basics, all at great prices.

Enjoy shedding the old and outdated in your closet, helping the community, and revamping your style this season at Goodwill of Orange County!

This post was contributed by local blogger Feast.Fashion.Faves. Keep up with her and her future Goodwill finds on Instagram and Twitter.

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