Q&A with Goodwill Partner Cheryl Osborn of Casco Contractors

We recently had the opportunity to connect with Cheryl Osborne, owner of Casco Contractors, Inc. in Irvine, one of the amazing community partners that supports Goodwill of Orange County’s mission through the em11165332_841357542613793_6412540058702480254_nployment of our Program Participants.

At Casco, Cheryl and her husband Jeff Osborne currently employ three Goodwill Program Participants in a Supported Employment setting where they are gaining experience and training in the construction industry. This is the first Supported Employment group working in the construction industry in Goodwill’s history!

Read our fun Q&A with Cheryl below to learn more about her passion for giving back.

Goodwill: Tell us about Casco Contractors, Inc. What do you do and how many people do you have working for you in Orange County?

Cheryl: We are a general contractor that specializes in Tenant Improvement in Southern California. We have 54 employees.

Goodwill: How many Goodwill program participants are currently on staff with Casco Contractors, Inc.?

Cheryl: We have an incredible Goodwill team leader and his staff of three working for us.


Here Cheryl is being honored for her support of Goodwill’s mission at our 2015 Community Appreciation Breakfast. She is pictured with our Board Chair Tom Salinger and President and CEO Frank Talarico, Jr.

Goodwill: Tell us about their day-to-day duties on the job.

Cheryl: These conscientious hardworking guys go from job to job and maintain a safe, clean job site by general cleaning, organization, material stocking, sweeping and labor help.

Goodwill: What moved you to hire individuals with barriers to employment?

Cheryl: For us, it was an easy decision. It’s honestly just the right thing to do.

Goodwill: Casco Contractors is the first in the construction industry to employ Goodwill’s Supported Employment program participants. How are the participants doing in the labor-intensive industry? Tell us what it has been like to see them succeed on the job.

Cheryl: It is fabulous. There is a lot of training involved and we could not do it without our amazing Goodwill team leader. The will to work and the teamwork has been incredible from these guys!

Goodwill: What’s one of the best things about having Goodwill Program Participants on the Casco team?

Cheryl: I do know that our superintendents love seeing their smiling faces every day!

Goodwill: We saw that you are involved with other nonprofits, can you tell us a little bit about that?

Cheryl: I have a passion for charities that support people that have barriers to anything.  I am on the board of Girls, Inc., an organization that teaches girls that may be at risk to be strong, smart and bold. Meaning we deliver confidence and positive self image – along with infinite potential.  I also am on the Board of Laura’s House, a domestic abuse shelter in Orange County that provides a safe new start for women and children exposed to domestic violence – including safe house, programs to understand patterns and the potential to break the cycle of abuse.

I am a huge supporter of the Make a Wish Foundation as well – that one goes unsaid.  Who wouldn’t want to help sick children? I also support the Orange County Child Abuse Prevention Center, which provides real time counseling and support to families in jeopardy of child abuse.


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