DIY Snow Globes Inside Wine Glasses – How Clever!

Here is a new twist on the traditional holiday snow globe using wineglasses — can you believe it? When you group several of them together, the result is magical!

You can find inexpensive wineglasses at your favorite OC Goodwill store and turn them into charming snow globes to use for holiday decor and to give as gifts.

See how easy it is to put together these DIY snowglobes with just a few supplies below!

Wine Glass Snow Globes


  • Wineglasses – Choose ones with enough room to create a little scene inside (champagne flutes may not work).
  • Imitation Snow or White Glitter
  • Small Christmas Figurines – these are typically found at craft stores near the model train supplies. You can also use pine cones, small ornaments and/or photographs.
  • White Paint or White Paper
  • Paint Brush
  • Cardboard
  • Hot Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen/Pencil
  • Candles and Bows (optional)
Step 1: Once you have purchased your wineglasses at OC Goodwill, trace the wine glass opening onto cardboard.
Step 01 trace around the wineglass Goodwill (2)
Step 2: Cut out circles you have created on the cardboard; make sure the cardboard circle completely covers the wine glass opening!
snowglobes from wineglasses
Step 3: Paint one side of the cardboard with white paint or cover it with white paper. This creates the base for your snowy scene!
Step 03 adding glue Goodwill (2)
Step 4: While the paint dries, add some pretty bows to your wine glasses if you want to dress them up. You can find these at OC Goodwill — they bring in lots of wrapping supplies at affordable prices for the holidays.
adding bows to wineglasses Goodwill
Step 5: Add snow or glitter to your wine glass. We recommend filling them about 1/3 full, but it depends on the height of your figurines. You want to leave some room at the top of the glass if you are using trees or tall figurines.
fill wineglass with snow Goodwill
Step 6: Hot glue Christmas figurines to the painted side of the cardboard circles. This is the fun part — create your own holiday snowy scene!
gluing pieces to wineglasses
Step 7: Hot glue the top rim of the wine glass and place the cardboard circle upside down on the wine glass. Make sure to clean up any glue spillage before it hardens, and always be careful working with a hot glue gun.
Be sure the cardboard disc is completely dry before you turn it over. If you have a sliver of cardboard showing, just cover it with a small band of white glue and some glitter and let it dry.
Last step: Turn the wine glass over! Add candles, top with an ornament or just leave plain, that part is up to you. The result is a unique, festive holiday snow globe that will be the envy of all your guests!
finished wineglass snowglobes Goodwill
You can find inexpensive glasses at your favorite OC Goodwill store and turn them into one of a kind holiday decor!
Goodwill wine glasses
Feel good about shopping and supporting Goodwill! Your purchases and donations help support Goodwill of Orange County’s programs and services which provide jobs and employment training to people with disabilities or barriers in Orange County.

This project was created by Adrianna of More With Less Today.

Stop by for more budget-inspired ideas and follow along on Pinterest too!

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  1. […] your holiday guests by making DIY Snowglobes inside wineglasses. Our project was featured on the Goodwill of Orange County blog […]

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