Make an Adorable Chore Chart from a Recycled Cookie Sheet

Motivate your young kids with an adorable chore chart you can make from a recycled cookie sheet. We found ours at our favorite Goodwill of Orange County store.

We have trained our eye to discover new ways to repurpose common household items and turn them into treasures and you can too!

Cookie Sheet Chore Chart Final with Text (1)

This easy craft is a great way to encourage young kids to earn rewards for being more helpful around the house.

If you don’t have an old cookie sheet at home, you can easily find them for just a few dollars at Goodwill of Orange County stores. Be sure to keep your eyes open for other treasures when you shop!


Cookie Sheet – avoid non-stick pans (see tips below)

  • Spray Paint
  • Washi Tape
  • Alphabet Stickers
  • Magnets (recommend Adhesive)
  • Printable Chart Pieces
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Bring a magnet with you to test if the cookie sheet is magnetic. Many are aluminum and those are not magnetic. Avoid non-stick cookie sheets so the paint adheres better. If you want to use a non-stick pan, you may need to lightly sand it or use a primer.
 cookie sheet at GoodwillSupplies for chore chart (3)
Easy step-by-step instructions:
Step 1 – Spray Paint Cookie Sheet
Spray your cookie sheet in your favorite bold or bright color. Give it several coats and wait at least 20 minutes in between coats allowing each coat to dry completely. You can spray and test it with your finger to make sure it is dry before adding another coat.
Cookie sheet Chore Chart spray paint

Step 2 – Add the Details

Next, you’re ready to personalize your cookie sheet with a name and chores. Spell out the name with stickers on the top middle of the cookie sheet. Then use patterned washi tape to make the divisions for both a “To Do” and “Done” column, plus add the reward area at the bottom. We chose five chores to earn a reward, but you can customize this for your child.

CSCC Step 4

Step 3 – Chore Pictures
Search online for  “Free Printable Chore Chart” and you will get several options that you can print out. Look for those that have photos of the chores to make the chart more visual and fun.
chore chart stickers cookie sheet craft
Step 4 – Make the Magnets
Glue the chore photos you find to cardstock to make it firm or laminate the sheet. Cut out the individual pieces and glue them to the magnets.
glue to cardstock chore chartmake magnets for chore chart
Step 6 – Put it All Together
Finalize your chore chart by placing all the magnets under the “To Do” section. From there, let your kids have fun tracking their chores and their progress!
 Goodwill chore chart finished
Congratulations. You just made doing chores fun!
Optional: You can use a peel and stick hook if you wish to hang it up. Be sure and get one that is strong enough to hold up the cookie sheet. You can also add a fun ribbon or twine.

Feel good about shopping and supporting Goodwill! Your purchases and donations help support Goodwill of Orange County’s programs and services which provide job and employment training to people with disabilities or barriers in Orange County.

This project was created by Adrianna of More With Less Today.

Stop by for more budget-inspired ideas and follow along on Pinterest too!

Are you a Goodwill crafter too? We would enjoy connecting with you on social media using the hashtag #FindTheGood.

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  1. I like this very much! Will make it for my niece, such easy steps!

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