Eugene’s Story: A Job to Look Forward To Every Single Day

Eugene H. has always been independent by nature. Born with a developmental disability, he never allowed it to stop him from accomplishing his personal and professional goals.


Eugene, right, pictured here with a friend and fellow Goodwill program participant at the Special Olympics Unified Relay torch run in Corona del Mar on July 10th, 2015.

Years ago, Eugene was stuck working a job that he had no passion for. His daily activities and tasks were not challenging enough for the vast potential he longed to put forth.

Instead of giving up, Eugene decided it was time for a change. He set out to find a job that would bring him happiness in the workplace, while recognizing his abilities.

He enrolled in Goodwill of Orange County’s Supported Employment Program, looking for a new employment path and a challenge. Quickly after coming to Goodwill, Eugene’s confidence was skyrocketing. The Supported Employment Program provided him with employment preparation and taught him a variety of new skills that promote independence, from money management to street safety. This was exactly the program Eugene needed to approach his new job with a great deal of self-assurance, knowing he would be able to succeed.


Eugene is pictured here, second from right, with his team and job coach at First American.

Eugene continued to work side-by-side with a job developer to help him on his path to a brighter future. He was soon hired in the Operations Department of First American in Santa Ana. Here, Eugene works with fellow Goodwill program participants, alongside a job coach, in an environment that allows him to reach his full potential. His small team is responsible for scanning important bank documents and keeping them secure and organized – it’s a great responsibility, a challenge and very rewarding. Exactly what Eugene was looking for.

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Eugene laughing during this year’s Community Appreciation Breakfast. He received special recognition for this work at First American.

Thanks to Goodwill, Eugene’s dream came true and he found a job that he now looks forward to every single day.


Eugene carries the torch during the Special Olympics Unified Relay torch run in Corona del Mar.

When Eugene is not working the job he loves, he continues his independence by training for and participating in the Special Olympics. Last month, he proudly marched alongside his Goodwill family and Goodwill of Orange County CEO, Frank Talarico, Jr. in the Special Olympics Unified Relay Torch Run through Corona del Mar.

Eugene is a skilled golfer and this was his 10th consecutive Special Olympics, in which he showcased his skills in the sport.


Another picture of Eugene carrying the torch during the Special Olympics Unified Relay.


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