Veterans Enjoy a Day at the Ball Park with the Angels

It was a warm 90-degree Sunday, that didn’t stop thousands of fans and veterans alike from attending the Angels v. Rangers day game on Sunday, July 26.

IMG_7293The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have partnered up with Goodwill of Orange County’s Tierney Center for Veteran Services to provide free game tickets to 20 veterans who are enrolled in the transitional support program. The partnership is a great example of the community coming together to support and give back to the brave men and women who have served our country and their families.

IMG_7322The alignment of the two brands was a natural and simple one said Lance Knight, Manager of Veteran Services at Goodwill. Knight was able to make contact with the Angel’s corporate office through a business contact. He made the call and the Angels were happy to provide tickets for our local veterans. “It was as simple as that. They were able to get us four games at 20 tickets per game.”

The Goodwill team is thrilled to be able to take veterans, prior service members and their families out to recreational events that allow them to not think about work, bills, etc.


Rich and his family enjoy the game.


Kathleen C. and Stoney M. pose for a picture during the game.

The veterans who enjoyed the first game against the Rangers come from all different backgrounds, barriers and successes.

“We were able to extend tickets to veterans and their families who have overcome barriers they identified when they came to Goodwill,” said Knight. “We had a veteran who got into better shape through the Goodwill of Orange County Fitness Center, a veteran who put their first $25.00 into a savings account and took their first step to financial wellness, and a spouse taking the kids to the game because they just needed some downtime.”

The Goodwill of Orange County Tierney Center for Veteran Services provides a global approach to serving veterans and their families. Former service members receive individual consultations to help connect them with the appropriate services needed to meet and support their unique needs, including housing, employment training, job placement, education, wellness, financial literacy and more.


Lisa & Carl M. smiling as the Angels bring home a win!

A good time was had by all as they watched the Angels beat the Rangers 13 – 7!

IMG_7274“Mike Trout even hit a Grand Slam,” said Knight. “Most of us had never seen one in person.”

A huge thank you to the Angel’s for partnering with us to thank our local veterans. We are looking forward to the next three games and being able to share the fun with these deserving families!


Roger M. and a friend pose and smile during the game.


Chloe D. and Sarah B. have fun in the sun as the Angels took on the Rangers.

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