Back-to-School Fashions That Won’t Break the Family Budget

Feeling worried about back-to-school shopping breaking the family budget? For many families with multiple children, back-to-school time can be a stressful financial time. From purchasing new backpacks to school supplies and clothes, the cost of the kids going back-to-school can quickly add up.

1-DesktopOur family has been donating our children’s used clothes, toys, and books to Goodwill of Orange County for years. For the first time, we finally went into our local Goodwill store to see what they had to offer for back-to-school fashion.

DSC07318When we first walked into the Goodwill store in Lake Forest, I was overwhelmed by the large amount of clothing, shoes, and home good products that were all neatly organized in the clean store. There were rows of colorful clothes just waiting to be purchased at such a small price.

DSC07327They had everything that my children needed for back-to-school from designer fashions to gently worn shoes. We were even able to purchase multiple clothing items that still had the store tags on them like a brand-new sweatshirt for less than $2!


Our children spent hours trying on different outfits, and we were able to fully dress our three kids with hip back-to-school outfits for less than $30. Plus, I was able to purchase some brand-new bar stools for my kitchen that I’ve been dying to get for just $10 vs. the $100 that they are in the retail store.

Goodwill is a great one stop spot for great back-to-school fashions at prices that can’t be beaten. Find your closest Goodwill store online, and come back weekly to find new items before school starts for the kids.

This post was written by Shelby Barone of OC Mom Blog.

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