Easy DIY Bird Feeder


Spring is here. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Enjoy the outdoors with your DIY bird feeder, made with items found at your favorite Goodwill of Orange County store.

Having a bird feeder is a great way to get to know the native birds and have your porch or yard become a regular place for them to dine.

This DIY bird feeder is easy to make! Just follow our simple steps.
DIY Bird Feeder OCGoodwill

What You Need:

(1) Melamine Plate
(1) Melamine Bowl
(1) Eyebolt 1/4 x 2 1/2
(1) 1/4″ Coupling Nut
(1) 1/4″-20 Threading Rod
(3) 1/4″ Hex Nut
(3) 1/4″ Flat Washer
(1) Drill Gun

Bird Feeder Supplies nuts and bolts

Don’t you just love a Goodwill treasure hunt? You never know what you will find! A Melamine plate and bowl should be easy to locate at any Goodwill of Orange County storeYou may want to pick up extras to make for gifts.

Here is the pretty bowl and plate we found. You can match your birdfeeder to your decor.

Bird Feeder Supplies

Step 1: Drill a hole in the middle of the plate and then the bowl. (Do this gently and slowly so that the drill does not crack the melamine)

Step 2: Take the eyebolt and screw into the coupling nut.

Step 3: Take the threading rod and thread a hex nut onto it until it sits a few inches from the top. Lay the flat washer on top of the bolt.

Bird Feeder affixing the  plate

Step 4: Place the plate upside down until it sits on the washer and nut.

Step 5: Screw on the coupling nut to hold the plate in place

Step 6: On the other end of the threading rod, thread a hex nut and a flat washer.

Bird Feeder almost done!

Step 7: Place the bowl up against the nut and washer and secure with a hex nut and flat washer on the bottom.

Bird Feeder all finished!

Make sure to tighten all bolts and nuts before hanging.

Feel good about shopping and supporting Goodwill! Your purchases and donations help support Goodwill’s programs and services which provide job and employment training to people with disabilities and other barriers in Orange County.

This project was created by Adrianna of More With Less Today.

Stop by for more budget-inspired ideas and follow along on Pinterest too!

Are you a Goodwill crafter too? We would enjoy connecting with you on social media using the hashtag #FindTheGood


  1. That is so easy and nice! We attempted to make one and didn’t work out, so this helps a lot!! Thank you!

  2. This is such a cute and easy idea! We have beautiful birds here but have not made or put out a feeder for them. On our spring to do list!

  3. This is adorable and totally doable! My wooden bird feeder is very old looking & this one is so cute!

  4. […] are excited to be featured on the Goodwill of Orange County page. Adrianna made this adorable DIY Bird Feeder that you can easily recreate for your backyard or […]

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