Look for Spring Fashions at Goodwill of Orange County

Everyone knows that living in Orange County is pretty much paradise.

One may argue that a place like, say, Hawaii is better. But I disagree; living on the mainland trumps a remote island any time.

But, if I were to purposely find something about Orange County which isn’t a “10” for me, I would say that – sometimes – the weather can be a little unpredictable in the spring.

We get rain, like everyone else. Then, after a chilly week, Santa Ana winds will sweep in from the desert and warm temperatures to the high 80s. Sometimes highs are in their normal, 60 degree range – sometimes higher.

I just want to be clear: I’m not complaining. But since this can make it a challenge to get dressed when the weather is all over the map, I’ve come up with 4 items you’ll want to have in your wardrobe for spring – all of which you can definitely find at a Goodwill of Orange County location.


Spring Fashion - Flyaway cardigan


The fly-away cardigan is so essential, you’re going to need several of these bad boys. Easy to slip on and off either as the weather changes in a single day, or you change your environment, the fly-away cardigan is pure, California style. It can literally be worn with anything; everything from jeans and a t-shirt to a day dress.


Spring Fashion - cropped sweater


Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to show off your belly if you don’t want to. The cropped sweater can be worn alone or over a longer shirt. I like the cropped sweater because, unlike regular sweaters, it doesn’t say, “brrr, it’s cold outside.” Instead, it’s more of a shoulder-warmer – which is why I suggest wearing over a long button-down or even a t-shirt.


spring fashion - leather jacket


The only time I can think of when a leather jacket isn’t appropriate is when summer is dragging out through the final days of September, and your Facebook feed is littered with photos of your friends’ car dashboards indicating the outside temperature is well over 100 degrees. Every other time, you want to have a black leather jacket. Moto style is the most common, but I prefer something a bit more stylized – like a vintage leather blazer.


spring fashion - tube skirt


If you ever feel like you’re stuck in yoga pants on the weekend, you’ll want to check this out. The knit tube skirt is just as comfortable, but is significantly more stylish. Dress it up with pumps and a sequin top, or dress it down with a t-shirt and sneakers – and you still look a hundred times better than when you run errands in your Lululemons.

And, when I say you can find these items at Goodwill, I’m not kidding. In fact, this post was inspired by my most recent shopping trip where I found each of these items for a total of $37. Yes, the jacket was real leather and the fly-away cardigan is 100% wool.

That’s one of the greatest things about Orange County is that the people are so generous and donate even their best stuff. And, even better, your donations and purchases all go to Goodwill’s programs and services.

Spring is here! Carve out a few hours and sneak off to your nearest Goodwill of Orange County location to find affordable spring styles. Most everything you’ll find is under $10 – which allows you to build your spring wardrobe for a fraction of retail cost. Also, your purchases go to help people in your community facing barriers to employment get and keep jobs that provide a sense of purpose.

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