Valentine’s Day Looks for You and Your Love

When it comes to outfits for Valentine’s Day, there are some very easy guidelines to follow for both men and women.

Let’s start with the ladies.

The best way for you to craft an outfit for this romantic holiday is to ask yourself which would you rather feel: sexy, sophisticated or feminine?

As a woman, at any given time, can want to be the embodiment of these three things. Sometimes we feel both sophisticated and feminine. Or sometimes we’ll feel feminine and sexy. But when it comes to crafting an outfit for going out for a romantic dinner – or even spending the evening at home – it’s best to choose one of these three.

When we choose a single theme, it allows us to choose the pieces more easily.

For example, when we choose feminine, we can ask ourselves with each piece, “does this feel feminine?” And, asking this, piece by piece, allows us to craft an outfit that’s thoroughly feminine. Same with both the “sexy” and “sophisticated” themes.

Often, the best place to start when making an outfit, is with one piece – like shoes.


Valentine's Shoes


Then, take that inspiration – whether it’s shoes or anything else – and create an entire outfit around it.

Valentine's Outfits


When it comes to men, however, the rules are to 1.) keep things simple and 2.) keep the focus on the lady. Ergo, the best outfit choice for a man is this: sport coat, dress shirt (no tie – unless you’re going to a restaurant where it’s required), dress trousers, and dress shoes.

Don’t forget flowers. Extra points for yummy chocolate!


Valentine's Day look for men


The best part about all of these looks is that they are easy to shop for at your local Goodwill of Orange County location. For women, all regular Goodwill locations will yield easy basics – like skirts and blouses. For an extra special touch, I recommend shopping for shoes at the OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin. For jewelry and other statement pieces, plan a visit to Goodwill of Orange County’s newest shop – RARE by Goodwill located in the Center Street Promenade in the heart of Historic Anaheim.

For the men, their best bet for sport coats and dress trousers is the OC Goodwill Boutique.

Tick-tock, ladies and gentlemen! Valentine’s Day is afoot, and you don’t want to be caught without some snazzy threads to impress your significant other. Get down to Goodwill and find your perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

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