Get in the Holiday Spirit by Giving and Feeling Good

holiday season donate goodwill

Once upon a time, there was a girl who hated Christmas.

She hated the crowds that clogged up the streets around South Coast Plaza. She hated Christmas music and she hated how people would become obsessed with finding the perfect gifts for each other.

“It’s just mindless consumerism!” she would shout at no one in particular.

But then she met a boy who loved Christmas. He had a big family, and they all loved Christmas too. And, when they lavished upon her small, but thoughtful gifts, familial warmth, and holiday cheer, her heart grew three sizes.

She came to realize that Christmas could be about anything she wanted it to be. And so she made the choice that, to her, Christmas would be about giving.

Since then, I’ve learned how good giving can feel – whether it’s a gift for my mother-n-law or giving to Goodwill of Orange County.

I know that when I donate to Goodwill, the effects of my donations ripple out in many ways. In fact, the simple act of donating goods keeps real people in my community, who are facing barriers to employment, employed with jobs that provide purpose and dignity.

Then, those goods that I donate are usually sold, either in Goodwill’s retail stores or a the Goodwill Marketplace. The proceeds can go to benefit Goodwill’s programs that help people find and keep jobs elsewhere in the community, as well as helping people with disabilities.

Goodwill of Orange county is an engine that does so much good for our community – but just like any engine, it needs fuel. And the fuel that keeps it going is donations from people just like you.

Most of us are fortunate enough to have a “stuff” problem; we have too much stuff we don’t need and we’re not using. The easiest way to help keep the Goodwill engine going is to round up everything in your house that you don’t need and donate it to Goodwill.

Believe me, once you have all that extra stuff purged from your life, an amazing amount of weight is lifted off your shoulders.

So clean out your closets! Do a wardrobe edit and donate clothing you aren’t wearing. Search through cabinets and your garage for unwanted household items. If you’re feeling especially generous, investigate a forgotten storage locker you might be paying rent on and clean it out!

And, if you’re able, donate cash.

The feeling of knowing that your generosity helped someone in your community is enough to melt event the grinchiest of hearts.

Time’s ticking down to get your donations in before the end of the year! Claim a tax credit for 2014 and bring Goodwill all your unwanted things. Your donations support an organization that helps people with disabilities, provides job training, and helps people facing barriers to employment get and keep jobs.

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