Find Your Creative Muse at RARE by Goodwill

Since the age of 13, I’ve been an avid fan of flea markets.

Being a creative person, the appeal of a random assortment of goods from the past and present has always been strong. It’s just that there are so many possibilities – for projects, gifts, home décor and (of course) fashion.

Plus, it’s the original sustainable shopping venue. Everything’s recycled.

However, there are a few drawbacks to flea markets. Primarily, they’re usually sprawling (hundreds of thousands of square feet) and they’re not really curated; I’d have to look, for hours, through junk to find the gems.

So, I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I got the chance to preview Goodwill of Orange County’s new boutique, RARE by Goodwill.

Whereas the OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin focuses on designer clothing labels, RARE features a curated mix of items to spark curiosity and creativity – like a flea market, only much better.

Unlike a flea market, RARE is carefully curated with the most unique and unusual donations from Orange County. Everything from clothing to household goods are displayed with care to inspire your next masterpiece.

The first things I noticed about RARE was that it had very thoughtful design and décor – which made it anything but ordinary.

tv light fixtures

I always leave the house with my own inspiration, but it’s nice to find additional inspiration when I get there. And RARE had even created a few areas for me to collect my thoughts or look up inspiration on my phone – I found a lounge area near the dressing rooms, a reading nook in the back and also a vinyl listening station (!!!).

funky lounge

reading nook

vinyl listening station

(Why, yes – I would like to listen to ELO while I take a break from shopping.)

As a former interior designer who created all kinds of spaces for working and lounging, I think it’s brilliant that Goodwill of Orange County integrated this into their newest store.

The best thing about this concept store is that there’s something for every type of creative: college students working on school projects, hip moms decorating their home on a budget and, of course, people who are exploring their personal style through fashion.

unique supplies

home decor

inspired fashions

unique coats


unique clothing accessories



The RARE by Goodwill concept store is finally open! Come look for your next creative muse by visiting us at 411 W. Broadway, Suites C-H in Downtown Anaheim.

Your inspiration called! It said you should get yourself down to the newest secondhand shopping experience, RARE by Goodwill. Creative resources abound in an environment that’s neat and unique. Plus, all of your purchases go toward helping people in your community facing barriers to employment get and keep jobs.

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