DIY Ideas for Extraordinary Holiday Candles

Find ordinary candles and embellishments at Goodwill of Orange County stores and transform them into beautiful accessories for holiday decor and gifts.

decorative flameless candles with sweaters and embellishments

You can customize your candles now, and then re-purpose them with seasonal decorations throughout the year. It’s an easy project done with minimal effort and expense. We thought the results were extraordinary!

Safety first!  These candles are meant for decorative purposes only. You can also find the popular flameless candles. Of course with any candle, decorated or not, never leave a lit candle unattended.


ordinary candles Goodwill


  • Candles – we found many sizes at Goodwill. Flameless candles are our favorite.
  • Old sweaters
  • Embellishments such as silk flowers, ribbon and bows
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun
  • Double-sided tape


sweaters Goodwill candles 2

Did You Know? Your favorite Goodwill of Orange County store has inexpensive decor too!

candle embellishments goodwill


Cut the sleeves from a sweater and use double-sided tape to attach to the candle. Use a dab of hot glue to attach the bows.

Sweater Wrapped Candle Goodwill
Use your creativity to make your own DIY candles!
 Red Sweaters w Bows & Decor Goodwill


Make a few extra to give as gifts. They are so easy to make and the finish product is adorable!

Santa Belt Candle Goodwill


Make a Santa candle by re-purposing an old belt! The belt was cut to fit and then attached with hot glue.

 White Sweater with Red Bow Goodwill


These decorative candles were made with flameless candles, leftover ribbon, old sweater sleeves cut to fit and attached with double-sided tape.

tree pointsettia Goodwill


Just by adding a flower to your ordinary candles, turns them into something lovely! You can do this easily with just a dab of hot glue.

Here are a few other easy DIY ideas using ordinary candles easily found at your favorite Goodwill of Orange County store:


Candle Decor Collage


Find the tutorial for these easy DIY glassware projects here:

Cinnamon Stick Candle Craft 

Hanukkah Crystal Candle Holder

Dressing Up a Flameless Candle

Five Minute Candle Decorations

Feel good about shopping and supporting Goodwill! Your purchases and donations help support Goodwill’s programs and services which provide job and employment training to people with disabilities or barriers in Orange County.

This project was created by Adrianna of More With Less Today.

Stop by for more budget-inspired ideas and follow along on Pinterest too!

Are you a Goodwill crafter too? We would enjoy connecting with you on social media using the hashtag #FindTheGood

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing my craft. Off to check out the others. Sharing!

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