Turn Ordinary Glassware into Thanksgiving Decor: An Easy DIY Project!

Find inexpensive glassware at Goodwill of Orange County stores and turn them into something charming for your Thanksgiving table or holiday decor. Just follow these easy steps!

You can customize your glassware project for your decor. It’s a very low cost, easy project and the kids can help out too. You can make a few extra to give as custom gifts.

Thanks vase Edited


  • To spell out “thanks,” you will need 6 glass vases or stemware.
  • Acrylic paint – these small bottles are very inexpensive to purchase at your local craft store. For the vases we used, it took almost 1 bottle per vase.
  • A foam paint brush
  • Disposable plates

paint supplies goodwill


  • Wash and completely dry the vases.
  • Pour a small amount of paint into the bottom.
  • Swirl the paint until all vases are completely covered. The more paint the better so that all imperfections are covered up.
Tip: If it is too cold, the paint doesn’t move as nicely in the vase but you can add a drop of water.

adding paint to vase goodwill

I turned them over on a disposable plate after they were completely covered with the paint.

paint swirling goodwill

It takes about 5-6 hours for the vase to completely dry.

starting to swirl goodwill

These are as fun to make as they are to look at!

paint drying upside down

Add letters with glitter, press on letters or a paint pen. You can make some to spell out PEACE or JOY, for the holidays too!

glitter letters on glass

Here are a few other easy DIY ideas using glassware easily found at your favorite Goodwill store:

Collage of Painted Glassware

Find the tutorial for these easy DIY glassware projects here:

DIY Swirl Paint Bottles from Two Kids and a Coupon

Pink Glitter Champagne Glasses from Go Forth and Mother

DIY Display Stand from Loving Life and Living on Less

Kids Drinking Glasses from Re-purposed Glass Jars from Captain Fussybuckets

Pretty Swirl Vase from Thrifty Jinxy

Feel good about shopping and supporting Goodwill! Your purchases and donations help support Goodwill’s programs and services which provide job and employment training to people with disabilities or barriers in Orange County.

This project was created by Adrianna of More With Less Today.

Stop by for more budget-inspired ideas and follow along on Pinterest too!

Are you a Goodwill crafter too? We would enjoy connecting with you on social media using the hashtag #FindTheGood

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