Goodwill Guide to Fall Fashion 2014

Goodwill Fall Fashion guide


When I started building my wardrobe back in 2010, it was a conscious choice to stop shopping without a plan, and start shopping with some strategy.

I wagered that, if I took a more strategic approach to building a wardrobe, I might actually end up with a closet full of clothing I loved – instead of constantly feeling like I had “nothing to wear.”

I started this experiment at Goodwill of Orange County stores because it was affordable and it netted me some very unique finds. What helped me most was gathering inspiration on what to look for, as opposed to going in without a plan.

So, to help you navigate fall fashion trends, I’ve compiled some visuals below to help you find everything you need at Goodwill.

First up, pastels.


Goodwill Fall Fashion - Pastels


For fall and winter, I love mixing pastels as an accent with darker colors. Mix pink with gray, ivory with black, mint with burgundy, and you get very sophisticated combos. What I love about shopping for pastels at Goodwill is, because of their light color, they are very easy to spot in the racks of clothing.

Next up, leopard.


Goodwill Fall Fashion - Leopard


Leopard is one of my favorite patterns – but understand that a little goes a long way! And, not just in one outfit, obviously. Take care not to load up your entire wardrobe with too much leopard. Focus on finding the best pieces, and then let go of what’s not quite as nice once you acquire something new.

At Goodwill stores, you can find plenty of leopard print clothing and accessories.

Also a great trend for fall: knit skirts.
Goodwill Fall Fashion - Knit Skirts


Knit skirts are probably my favorite trend for the fall season. They’re perfect for Orange County, where our winters are very mild, and they’re so comfortable. It’s a body-conscious style, so it’s best to pair with something a bit baggy, like a sweater.

Also be on the lookout for: wrap coats.


Goodwill Fall Fashion - wrap coats


If you’re lucky, you can find these new(ish), but vintage is also an option. When they’re vintage, wrap coats are much more likely to be made from wool, instead of a synthetic blend. You want to look for wool because it can absorb its weight in moisture, yet not feel damp – which is perfect for being out and about in damp climates.

Trend not to be excluded: oxford shoes.


Goodwill Fall Fashion - Oxfords


Oxfords add a polished, menswear accent to any outfit. Wear them, as you would regular flats, with skirts or skinny jeans.

Finally, the mod mini dress.


Goodwill Fall Fashion - Mod Mini Dress


For the mod mini dress, vintage 60s is always an option – but difficult to find. If you do find one, congratulations! But, you may be much luckier in finding “vintage” 90s dresses. There was a bit of a mod revival in the 90s, and a lot of dresses were made in either shift shapes (undefined waist), or a more fitted style with a defined waist and a full skirt. Bonus points for a Peter Pan collar.

The weather is getting cooler (FINALLY!), so it’s time to make sure you’ve got all your fall fashions lined up. See what’s missing in your closet, then get yourself down to a Goodwill of Orange County location for a good, old-fashioned fall treasure hunt. These style and so much more are just waiting for you to add them to your closet. Plus, your purchases help people in Orange County with barriers to employment get and keep jobs.

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