Goodwill Decor to Make Your Guest Say Wow! Fall Leaves Using Books

If you’re looking to create some fall decor for your home, then look no further than your favorite Goodwill of Orange County store. On a recent visit to the Placentia store, we purchased a few stacks of used books that we were able to re-purpose into leaf garlands.

These is a simple project that you can do at home. Below you will see some images of our finished creations and the step by step instructions for creating similar garlands for you to decorate your own home.

It’s definitely a form of up-cycling to give an old book new life by creating something fresh and new from it!

Visit your Goodwill store and unleash your creativity and stay tuned for more of our Goodwill-inspired decor for the holidays.

Send us a picture of your craft or decor item made from Goodwill finds and we may feature you in an upcoming post! Tag your post with the hashtag #findthegood so we can connect on social media.

the Goodwill fall leaves table runner

You can use your book page leaf project in several ways. Here it is used as a garland placed on a table. Look how elegant it looks with a few other fall decor items added in. Don’t you think your guests would say “wow” if you crafted one?

the bookshelf at goodwillUsed books to use in your crafts are plentiful at Goodwill stores.

the book pages beginning Goodwill craft

This craft is so easy, it just takes time to cut out the leaves. Ask your kids to help you and make it a family project that you can enjoy for years to come!

Begin by removing a stack of pages from different books. Trace one or two real leaves until you get a good template. Once you have a shape you like, stack a few pages together and cut out multiple leaves at once.

the close-up goodwill leaf project

To create a garland of your own, you will need the following supplies:

  • Used books (always plentiful at your local Goodwill)
  • A marker to trace your leaf pattern
  • Stapler
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • A medium single hole punch
  • Acorns
  • A roll of household twine (natural color)

Easy Directions:

  • Measure the twine to fit your fireplace, table or mantel and then allow about 25% more before you cut it.
  • Cut out the leaves. You will need a lot depending on how long the twine is. Start with about 25.
  • Staple groups of 3 or 4 leaves together at the stem to create leaf clusters. You’ll need to fold the stems a bit.
  • Gather up some acorns to hot glue onto each bunch to add some texture.
  • Use a hole punch to make a small hole at the top of each leaf.
  • String them on some twine.
  • Keep going until you are satisfied with the length and fullness of your garland.

the leaf project Goodwill as food labels

Save a few of your extra leaf cutouts to use as place cards on your Thanksgiving table or to label the food and side dishes you will serve.

You can also give each guest a leaf and a marker and ask them to write messages about thankfulness which you can add to your decor every year!

the leaf garland Mindy Goodwill

Feel Good and #FindtheGood

Your purchases and donations directly supports Goodwill’s programs and services which provide job training and employment services for people with disabilities or barriers in Orange County.

Find a Goodwill of Orange County location near you!

This fall craft was created by Mindy Laven of Mindy Laven Interiors. Mindy is an Orange County blogger and television correspondent. Check out her blog and your YouTube channel for more budget inspired ideas for your home decor.

Are You a Crafter Too?

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