Do’s and Don’t’s of Office Halloween Costumes

Sometimes I feel like many holidays are mostly reserved for children. In fact, Christmas is synonymous with Santa Claus and the presents he brings for boys and girls.

But the great thing about Halloween is that it can be a fun holiday for both kids and adults. Where, we used to craft spooky costumes to show off at school, now, as an adult, you can usually partake in the same game of dress up with your co-workers.

As an adult, you don’t need to rely on plastic costumes from big box stores anymore. In fact, you can get much of what you need for your Halloween persona from Goodwill of Orange County locations. But, before you plan that costume, check out these helpful Halloween Office Costume Do’s and Don’t’s:

Do find one-of-a-kind props and materials.

Whatever you do decide to go as, make your costume really memorable with the right props. If you’re a witch, make sure you have a good broom. In fact, you could even let the housewares department in a Goodwill location inspire your costume. Take some curtains and make an antebellum gown (hey, it worked for Scarlet O’Hara in Gone with the Wind). You don’t need any kind of expert sewing knowledge, just use a good reference photo to piece the costume together.

goodwill halloween costumes props


Don’t rely on makeup.

Remember, you’re going to have to drive back and forth to work in this costume – what if you get pulled over? Or, heaven forbid, get into an accident? You don’t want to ever have to speak to a police officer while wearing Halloween makeup. Also, if you’re relying on makeup for your costume, there’s a chance it could be something rather disturbing – like The Joker from Batman, or something else kind of gory.

Do sport a mask or hat.

What do these two things have in common? They’re removable. Need to talk with a direct report about something serious? Switching from costume-mode to boss-mode will be much easier when you can remove part of your costume.

goodwill halloween costume hats masks

Don’t phone it in.

If you’re going to do a Halloween costume, commit! Don’t try to be cool by pinning 3 black construction paper disks to your shirt and calling yourself a “3-hole punch.” It makes you look sarcastic and lazy. Either costume it up, or just come as yourself.

Do consider a group costume.

Want to show your boss that you’re all about teamwork? What could be better than coordinating a group costume in your department?! It will require some after-hours coordination, but will be totally worth it.

goodwill halloween costumes group

Don’t go as a racial stereotype.

Some costumes that may have been acceptable 10-20 years ago, just aren’t anymore. Examples include: harem girls, Native Americans, geishas, Mexican mariachis, etc. If it’s based on someone’s culture, race, or religion, making a costume of it isn’t a good idea.

Do get inspired by something artistic.

Do you like art? If so, there’s an unlimited well of inspiration in art history books. But, an art-lover’s costume doesn’t have to be limited to classical art. There is plenty of opportunities for finding costume pieces at Goodwill for both classical and modern art.

goodwill halloween costumes art


What’s that you say, you haven’t gotten your costume ready for the office Halloween party? You’d better get to it, quick – Halloween is just around the corner. Goodwill has everything you need to craft the perfect, office-appropriate costume. And, the best part, your purchase goes toward helping real people in your community find jobs that provide purpose.


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