Make Unique Costumes for Halloween at Goodwill. It Is All about Your Creativity.

Find Good Stuff for Unique Halloween Costumes at Goodwill of Orange County

Goodwill of Orange County has made it easy to find the perfect costume. You’ll be happy to find that their Halloween pop-up shops are organized by costume themes and styles.  Plus they’ve stocked lots of new wigs, beards, bow ties, hats, make up kits, and fake blood to complete your look.  See what they’ve got in stock.

Never find many others wearing the same costumes again at your next Halloween party! Just watch this:

Start shopping early to make sure you can bring your ideas to their full potential.  Your purchases directly support fellow community members to find and keep jobs in Orange County.  Rest easy, this will be the most unique, memorable, Halloween yet!

Have a happy Trick-or-treating with Goodwill of Orange County! Find your closest Goodwill Halloween pop-up shop.
Unique Hallowee Costumes at Goodwill of Orange County

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