For Unique Halloween Costumes, Shop at Goodwill

Every year, my husband and I turn down invitations to Halloween costume parties.

It’s not that we don’t like to dress up, it’s that we’re always totally stumped as to what we should go as. But, this year, I’m determined to build us both unique costumes – because I’m ready to finally win the top prize at a friend’s yearly Halloween costume contest.

I stopped by a Goodwill location the past week to check out their costume supplies, and I wasn’t disappointed. There, I found a Halloween “pop-up shop” full of traditional Halloween supplies – but also hundreds of specially-chosen pieces, perfect for originally-inspired costumes.

The great thing about Goodwill’s Halloween pop-up shops is that it’s arranged for maximum convenience. Not only do they have new Halloween merchandise, like masks and other props, they have merchandise specially-chosen from their inventory and sorted into costume group – like “pirate,” “glamour,” “witch” and “day of the dead.” Plus, costumes are available in a variety of sizing, for both adults and children.

Check out what you can find at Goodwill’s Halloween pop-up shops available at every Goodwill store in Orange County:

Goodwill of OC Halloween pop-up shops

Here are a few ideas I had to win that prize:

The Beach Boys

beach boys

Hawaiian shirts are an easy find at all Goodwill of Orange County locations. Get together a few of your friends, get several blonde wigs and bottles of self-tanner, find a few toy guitars and go as The Beach Boys.

Anna Wintour

anna wintour

Love fashion? Beaded jackets and faux furs are the go-to prop for dressing as the infamous Vogue Magazine editrix, Anna Wintour. Pair with a sheath dress, add an oversized pair of sunglasses and grab a copy of Vogue as a prop to ensure everyone knows exactly who you are.

Icy stare not included.



Instantly recognizable, the cowboy (or cowgirl) costume will be sure to get plenty of attention. And, the best part, rounding up all the pieces is super-easy. Find your favorite western-inspired button-down shirt, a pair of tight, medium-wash jeans, a hat – and you’re ready for costume parties.

The Army


Have a service member or veteran you admire? Goodwill has plenty of actual military uniforms and leather jackets reminiscent of vintage Air Force bombers to make a costume your military friends will be proud of.

A 60’s Flower Child

the 60s

Probably the most plentiful type of clothing perfect for Halloween costumes at Goodwill of Orange County is 60s vintage and 60s inspired clothing. Everything from trapeze dresses, to empire waists, to beaded bohemian tops and wild, floral blouses and dresses. Colors like harvest gold and avocado green are so indicative of the 60s decade that they’re instantly recognizable to people of all ages.

For this particular costume, I recommend going as a group. The 60s effect is multiplied with every person dressed for the decade.

Halloween is a month away, and you’ve got plenty of time to build your perfect, original costume from Goodwill of Orange County. You can easily build a contest-worthy costume while also supporting an organization that helps people in your community get and keep jobs.

Keep an eye on Goodwill of Orange County’s next Halloween contest for a chance to win great prizes on

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