Back to School: College Style Ideas from Goodwill

The “Back to School” season is exciting for college students – especially the freshman class.

New classes, new friends, new adventures. It’s a time filled with excitement – but, also, questions. The most important of them all, “what to wear?”

Since young adulthood is synonymous with independence, it’s only logical that college students would be excited about expressing their style. Below are some college fashion staples that can be found at Goodwill of Orange County locations, easily and affordably.


College Style - T-shirts


First up are t-shirts. T-shirts are both comfortable and usually allow you to sport a message about yourself – either directly, with words, or indirectly with images and style. But, since the “jeans and t-shirt” combo is so common, I recommend pairing with skirts instead.


College Style - Skinny Jeans in Color


Another college wardrobe staple are jeans – but, for this season, I recommend skinny jeans in COLOR. In addition to your regular denim, add a few pairs in dark colors like red, green and purple.


College Style - Dresses


When jeans get boring, maybe it’s time to switch to dresses for a day! Putting on a dress is perfect for days when you’re running on little sleep and just need to get out the door to class. Dresses are so easy and so comfortable.


College Style - Sneakers


There are two types of shoes that are having a moment this season, the first one is sneakers. Look for wedge sneakers, slip-ons and lace-ups in fun prints. Pair them with anything from regular ol’ jeans to cute dresses.

College Style - Oxford Shoes


The other shoe that’s getting a lot of attention are oxfords. These lace-up shoes are as comfortable as flats, but have a bit more polished, menswear style to them. I love the oxford because you can pair it with dressed down jeans or a more feminine look.

There are two great things about shopping at Goodwill for your back to school wardrobe: it’s totally affordable and it supports an amazing cause. Get down to any Goodwill of Orange County location to find fun t-shirts, colored skinny jeans, skater dresses and shoes. Your dollars spent at Goodwill help real people in your community get jobs that provide them with purpose.

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