DIY ReFashion: Fringed Boots

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Getting ready for the fall fashion season is a fun experience.  Boots are one staple for the upcoming cooler weather.  While on a recent trip to the Goodwill of Orange County, Westminster location, I spotted these cream ankle boots that had a great mid-heel.  These would be the perfect height to be able to walk around comfortably all day.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

After a quick try-on, I realized the cream faux suede was just a little too light for my preference, but I loved the style.  With the boots only costing $8.99, I knew I could tweak them a little to get them to look just the way I wanted.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Here is what I did to refashion these simple cream faux suede ankle boots into weathered leather boots with fringe.


  • Cream Faux Suede Ankle Boots from Goodwill
  • Brown Suede
  • Brown Shoe Polish
  • Hot Glue Sticks


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  • Boots from Goodwill = $8.99
  • Other Supplies = $4.00
  • Total Cost = $12.99


Step 1:

Rub brown shoe polish all over the boots.  I put three coats of polish on each boot, allowing it to dry in between coats.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Step 2:

Measure the distance between the boot strap and the back zipper as well as the distance between the top of the boot to the top of the heel.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Step 3:

Cut four pieces of suede according to measurements.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Step 4:

Make fringe out of the four pieces of suede by cutting up the length of the suede, leaving a 1/2″ at the top uncut.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Step 5:

Hot glue the fringe pieces onto the back of the boots with the uncut portion of the fringe.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

Now these boots have a fashionable new look.  I love how the polish gave them a mottled color giving them the appearance of weathered leather.  Now paired with olive skinny pants, these fringed boots are ready to make their new debut.

ReFashion Fringed Boots

From simple cream ankle boots to fringed leather boots.

ReFashion Fringed Boots


ReFashioning is a good way to show your unique style and personality at a great price, all while helping those who face barriers to find employment in our community. To learn more about Goodwill’s mission, please visit


Interior Designer at Janeane Pittman Interior Design

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