Upcycled Glass Vases

Upcycled Glass Vases

If you are anything like me, I have a love for home decor that has a high price tag.  On a recent shopping trip, I was browsing in a home store in the mall for a client when I fell in love with some stoneware vases that ranged from $39-$49 each.  Of course, to create the look I wanted in my master bedroom, I wanted a cluster of three which would have cost me upwards of $140.

Now as much as I enjoy those pricey accessories with their handcrafted goodness, I am also continually looking for ways to upcycle items to keep them from going in the landfill.  So, for this episode of DIY Thursdays with Janeane, I am going to take an item that is always in stock at Goodwill of Orange County: glass vases.  In every Goodwill store location I have been to, there is a total aisle dedicated to glassware.  With inspiration from one of my favorite home stores, I took on the challenge to create the look by repurposing and by saving money.

Here is how I created my upcyled glass vases:


  • 3 Glass Vases from Goodwill (look for varying shapes and sizes)
  • Air Dry Stone Clay (make sure it is one that will adhere to glass)
  • Water
  • Paint
  • Polycrylic Clear Protective Finish


  • Paint Brushes


  • $12 at Goodwill
  • $12 on other supplies

Here are the three glass vases I selected where I want a handcrafted feel on the dresser in my bedroom.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 1:

Apply a thin layer of clay over each vase.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 2:

After the vase is completely covered in clay, moisten the clay with water and smooth out the clay to your preference.  I happened to like the mottled look with slight bumps giving it the handcrafted look I am going for.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 3:

After the clay has dried completely, base coat the vases with paint.  I selected a light gray.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 4:

To create paint spots, take a wet paint brush and dip it in paint.  With another brush handle, tap the handle of the wet brush and the watered down paint will spatter on the vase.  Just be aware, this is a messy process, so make sure and do it in a well protected area.  Be sure to wear work clothes or protective clothing as the paint may get on you too.  I selected a metallic gold paint for my vases.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 5:

After the paint spots are dry, paint stripes on the vases.  I selected blue and white paints for my stripes.  After the stripes are dry, cover each of the vases with a coat of polycrylic clear protective finish.  Allow the clear finish to completely dry.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Step 6:

Now it is time to make floral arrangements to fill the newly crafted vases.  I am truly amazed at how different these vases look in the same place on my dresser from before.

Upcycled Glass Vases

That handcrafted feel is exactly what I was going for and I have that same excitement I had when I saw those higher priced vases at the mall home store.

Upcycled Glass Vases

The total look on my dresser is just perfect.  Who knew that upcycling could be so fashionable?

Upcycled Glass Vases

And here you have them, side by side, before and after.  From basic Goodwill thrifted glass vases to upcycled glass vases transformed with air dry clay and paint.  I think they rival the $140 look.

Upcycled Glass Vases

Everyday when I look at these vases they are a reminder of so many things:

  • I got to save money,
  • I got to save from items going into the landfill, and
  • I got to help create jobs in Orange County.

Goodwill of Orange County helps people who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs.  Since I shop at Goodwill for all my DIY projects post here, I have gotten to know some of the most wonderful staff that help me whenever I need assistance in the store.  Want to know more?  Check out their mission, vision, and values on their site at ocgoodwill.org.


Interior Designer at Janeane Pittman Interior Design



  1. Wow. Another great project and I am NOT easily impressed. Does it say on the container that it will adhere to glass? Also, do you think paper maiche would work?

    1. What a compliment Rebecca. This is one of my favorite projects too! It should say on the package that is adheres to glass. I can send you a link to the product I used. Paper mache may work, I use that quite often, but not yet over glass.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Inspired by West Elm, I was able to upcycle some thrifted glass vases. I would love to hear if anyone else tries this great home decor project.

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