DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Having enough organized storage in a dorm room or child’s room always seems to be at a minimum.  With limited space, things need to do double duty.  I saw a large ottoman in a high end retail store with built in pockets to house 12 pairs of shoes.  I thought that was so ingenious, but the $80 price tag on it was a little more than what I wanted to pay.  When I purchased this gray and white plaid ottoman for only $19.99 at Goodwill of Orange County for a TV Room Makeover, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to transform it into a Shoe Storage Ottoman for a fraction of the cost.  Here is how I did it!


  • Ottoman from Goodwill
  • 1 Drapery panel from Goodwill
  • Fabric Glue
  • Hot Glue Sticks
  • Chalk


  • Tape Measure
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun


  • $30 at Goodwill
  • $2 on other supplies

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 1-Measure the inside height of the ottoman.  Mine happens to be 10 1/2″ to the bottom of the inside lip where the ottoman lid sits.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 2-Measure out the same interior height of the ottoman to the drapery panel with one end being a finished edge.  This picture shows the bottom hem of the panel on the left and I am cutting at 10 1/2″ all the way across the width of the panel.  Do the same at the top of the drapery panel so you have two long pieces finished on one side.  My panel was a little over 50″, so I know have two 10 1/2″ x 50″ pieces of fabric.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 3-Measure the interior circumference of the ottoman and determine how many shoe pockets you want to have.  I found I could fit ten pockets that could fit a pair of shoes with each of them 4 1/2″ apart.  Make marks with chalk on the interior of the ottoman at the appropriate length, mine being every 4 1/2″.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 4-Mark on your fabric strips cut from the drapery panel with chalk every 10″.  These marks are going to line up with the chalk marks on the ottoman to create the pockets.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 5-Place the ottoman on its side and squeeze a line of fabric glue from the bottom to top lined up with the chalk mark.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 6-Place the fabric along the glue line with the raw edge at the bottom of the ottoman (shown at the top of the picture) and the finished edge at the top of the ottoman (shown at the bottom of the picture).

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 7-Since the fabric glue takes a while to dry, place a drop of hot glue at the fabric glue line tacking down the fabric.  I only did a drop at the top and bottom, not the entire strip to hold it temporarily in place as the fabric glue sets up.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 8-Continue turning the ottoman and gluing the fabric to the interior by lining up the chalk marks on the ottoman marked 4 1/2″ apart and fabric marked 10″ apart forming the pockets.  This can get a little cumbersome as you go so take your time and fold the fabric out of the way as you lay the glue down until you lay it into place.  Since my pieces of fabric were around 50″ long, as soon as the first piece was installed, I continued with the second piece.

DIY Ottoman Shoe Storage

Step 9-Set the ottoman right side up and gently form the pockets by pulling them towards the center of the ottoman.  Do not pull too hard as the fabric glue will not have cured by this time.  Leave the ottoman lid off until fabric glue has completely dried.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

Step 10-Load in your shoes.  And even though this ottoman is much smaller than the pricey one I saw at the retail store, I was still able to fit in 11 pairs of shoes.  With the lid placed on top, no one will ever know what is hidden inside.

DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

I am overjoyed with how this project turned out and was pretty simple to do.  Now this great ottoman found at Goodwill is even more fantastic.  When I pull out a pair that I can easily see, none of the other shoes fall over, keeping it very tidy.  No more piles of shoes!  Then I put the lid back on and sit down on the ottoman to slip on my shoes. DIY Shoe Storage Ottoman

What makes this repurposed project even better is the fact that I was able to support my local community by helping with job creation.  To find out more about Goodwill of Orange County visit their website at

Remember to #FindTheGood!


Interior Designer at Janeane Pittman Interior Design


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    This is a project that I have wanted to do for a long time and when Goodwill of Orange County gave me a challenge to do a project fit for a dorm room, I knew this was my chance.

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  3. Loved this clever idea

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