DIY Patriotic Decor

DIY Patriotic Decor with items from Goodwill of OC

Hi DIY Enthusiasts!  Janeane here from Janeane Pittman Interior Design with another project for your home without putting a huge dent in your wallet.

Creating a patriotic themed vignette for the summer months is the perfect opportunity to involve the whole family to decorate your home.  After a trip to Goodwill of Orange County I found 5 items to turn into Patriotic Decor.

Follow my steps to see how I did it:

DIY Patriotic Decor Supplies from Goodwill


  • Red & White Stripe T-Shirt from Goodwill
  • Lidded Basket from Goodwill
  • Ceramic Hand “Vase” from Goodwill
  • 2 Blue Napkins with Stars from Goodwill
  • Glass Jar with Lid from Goodwill
  • Wooden Tray from Goodwill
  • Porthole Mirror from Goodwill
  • Jute Twine
  • Bamboo Stick
  • Hot Glue Stick
  • Plant
  • White Paint


  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors
  • Sponge Brush
  • Blue Tape


  • $20 for all the items from Goodwill
  • $4 for other supplies

First up is a Patriotic Candleholder.

Patriotic Candleholder Steps

Step 1-Cut the end of the sleeve from the t-shirt the same height as the jar

Step 2-Slip the cut t-shirt piece over the jar

Step 3-Cut a 1 1/2″ strip of the napkin

Step 4-Wrap the napkin strip around the jar on top of the t-shirt

Step 5-Wrap the entire jar with twine to secure the fabric and tie it in a knot

Step 6-Open the jar lid and add a tea light candle

DIY Patriotic Candleholder

Second is a decorative Fabric Sparkler.

DIY Fabric Sparkler Steps 1 to 5

Step 1-Remove the bottom hem from the stripe t-shirt

Step 2-Cut a 1″ strip from the bottom of the t-shirt

Step 3-Cut the 1″ strip so that is a loop into one long ribbon

Step 4-Take the striped ribbon and secure one end to a stick with hot glue

Step 5-Wrap the ribbon around the stick and secure the other end with hot glue

DIY Fabric Sparkler Steps 6 to 10

Step 6-Cut a 6″ square from the star napkin

Step 7-Fold the cut piece into quarters

Step 8-Cut the cut edges into a curve to create a circle

Step 9-Cut a fringed edge leaving the center of the circle uncut

Step 10-Gather the fringed circle from the center and attach it to the striped stick with hot glue and twine

Step 11-Place the fabric sparkler in a vase by itself or make several for an arrangement

DIY Fabric Sparkler in Hand Vase

Third, a simple way to transform a basket into a Star Paint Dipped Plant Holder.

DIY Star Paint Dipped Basket Plant Holder

Step 1-With blue tape, tape off approx a third of the basket height to paint the area above

Step 2-Paint the area of the basket above the tape with white paint using a foam brush

Step 3-Remove the blue tape

Step 4-On the front of the basket push five gold thumbtacks in a shape to create a star

Step 5-Wrap jute twine around the thumbtacks into a star shape and tie off when the jute twine meets back at the beginning

Step 6-Cut off the tails of jute twine

Step 7-Place a star covered fabric napkin inside an open basket letting the corners drape over the sides

Step 8-Place a plant inside the basket on top of the napkin

And last but not least a Striped Tray.

DIY Striped Tray

Step 1-Tape off the bottom interior of the tray with blue tape

Step 2-Tape off stripes across the bottom interior of the tray with blue tape

Step 3-Dry brush white paint in the open areas between the blue tape stripes with a foam brush

Step 4-Remove the blue tape

Step 5-Let the paint dry completely, then add to your holiday vignette

Now arranged on the table, all four projects plus the nautical porthole mirror create a patriotic spirit for all to enjoy.

DIY Patriotic Decor with items from Goodwill of OC

DIY Patriotic Decor with items from Goodwill of OC


DIY Fabric Sparkler

From seven random items from Goodwill to Patriotic Decor.

DIY Patriotic Decor Before and After

When you shop or donate to Goodwill of Orange County, you are helping your local community. 92% of every incoming dollar directly supports Goodwill’s programs and services which creates jobs and provides employment training to people with disabilities and other barriers in Orange County.  #FindTheGood


Interior Designer at Janeane Pittman Interior Design


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