Goodwill of Orange County: Your Mother’s Day Craft Prop House

As an adult, there are two acceptable gift routes you can go with on Mother’s Day. The first is a gift of something sparkly – like jewelry. That’s a no-brainer. But, occasionally, in the name of nostalgia, your mom probably wouldn’t mind receiving something you made yourself.

But, as an adult, an original collage adorned with macaroni and glitter isn’t the way to go. Nor is a brightly painted rigatoni necklace. In fact, all dried pasta is out for any gifts you craft for mom on Mother’s Day.

Instead, you need to find a craft which 1.) mom will proudly display somewhere conspicuous and 2.) you can easily make. The latter is especially important if you’re not particularly crafty. She wants to know you made it, but craftsmanship is key when giving mom handmade gifts as a grown-up.

Plus, a hand-crafted gift is not only original, but it’s Earth-friendly. By using recycled materials, you’re lowering the demand for newly-made items.

To choose your crafted gift for mom, ask yourself, “what does she like?” Think about the knick-knacks she has around her house and what you could make that would fit in nicely.

In my case, my mom likes flowers and dainty ceramics. One of the greatest kept secrets about Goodwill of Orange County stores is that there is a seemingly endless supply of precious little tea cups. Sadly, you probably won’t be able to find a complete set. However, these tea cups are great for making crafts.

One of my favorites is tea cup candles – but that is an incredibly messy ordeal. If you’re not ready to spend an afternoon melting down beeswax (then, the rest of the evening cleaning beeswax off your pots and utensils), I recommend going with silk flowers in a tea cup instead.

For my mom, I found this lone floral tea cup at the Goodwill of Orange County store on 19th Street in Costa Mesa.


(Side note: Goodwill has white dishes galore! If you’re ready to swap out your old blue Ikea dishes for crisp white ones, Goodwill’s your place.)

I knew my mom would like this tea cup. Dainty: check. Also, it has brightly colored flowers, which I know she’ll love. Next up was a trip to Michael’s to pick up a few silk flowers and some florists’ foam.


Here are the supplies I used:

tea cup

small assortment of white and green flowers – so as not to clash with the flowers on the tea cup

florists’ foam

craft glue

jute rope

parchment-like card stock


scissors, pinking shears


The first step was to get the foam into the cup. I traced the bottom of the cup with a sharpie on one end, and the top of the cup on the other. Then, with a knife, I very carefully cut off the excess so it would fit. A bit of glue in the bottom and around the sides secured the foam into the cup.

Then, I arranged the flowers. It’s not an exact science, but I find it best to start with the biggest pieces and in the center, and then work your way down and around. Here’s the final result:


I finished the project with a small card I cut with the pinking shears from the parchment card stock and a jute ribbon. The best part is that this project was so easy and I know my mom will love it!

Check out Goodwill’s Pinterest board for more Mother’s Day DIY gift ideas!

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