Earth Month: Recycle with Goodwill of Orange County

Earth Day is upon us, but a lot of people are probably wondering how they can get involved.

If you’ve ever wondered, before tossing something out, “can this be used again?” the answer is: it probably can be. When you donate your gently used clothing and household goods, you’re doing two great things for your community: 1.) recycling and 2.) helping Goodwill of Orange County create jobs for people in your community facing barriers to employment.

And, amazingly, Goodwill can resell or repurpose almost 100% of what is donated to them.

The lesson here: when in doubt, just donate it to Goodwill. In fact, make it a routine that whenever you replace something, you donate the item you’re replacing. Get a new coffee maker? Donate the one you’re replacing to Goodwill. Replacing your towels? Donate the old ones to Goodwill (they can sell them for scrap).

See – nothing should be thrown away, unless it’s literally garbage.

But recycling isn’t just about repurposing our discards. Being a good recycler means that, when we purchase things we need and want, we choose gently used items over new ones.

Because the donation engine in Orange County is firing on all cylinders, you can easily build a wardrobe and furnish a home by shopping at Goodwill. Yes, you’ll need to spend a bit more effort when shopping, but you’ll be rewarded with prices that are beyond affordable and selection that is truly unique.

One of my favorite ways to recycle is with my wardrobe. When things in my closet just aren’t working for me anymore, I donate them. And when it’s time to build back up again, I love shopping at Goodwill of Orange County for one-of-a-kind pieces.


Goodwill of Orange County is also a great place to furnish a home. Finding affordable, one-of-a-kind pieces is easy if you are either open to an eclectic look or have a solid vision for your decor. Goodwill also loves receiving your gently-used furniture and housewares donations.


Finally, if you need a computer system at a fraction of what it would normally cost, check out Goodwill of Orange County’s Computer Works store. There you can find monitors, towers and keyboards, as well as internal parts. Goodwill also welcomes your unwanted computer equipment.


Get in the spirit of Earth Day by getting your recycle on! At Goodwill of Orange County, you can be part of the recycling movement by donating, purchasing or both! The best part is that your participation helps create jobs and purpose for real people in your community facing barriers to employment.

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