Part 2-TV Room Makeover DIY Projects

Decorating on a budget can be challenging and it can also be exciting.  In my last post, I told you about the project that I am working on. My goal is to do a complete TV Room Makeover with a $500 budget.  Shopping at Goodwill of Orange County stores helped me stay within my budget! I actually spent $465.88.  During my shopping experience I met so many wonderful people who staff these stores and it reminded me of another big reason for going to this organization.  Not only do they have the same vision as me to reuse, recycle, and repurpose, they have a wonderful mission of helping people with barriers get and keep jobs.

Let’s go back to the makeover project.  In no way do I want this space to look like it was done on a limited budget, so I am doing three Do-It-Yourself projects to make these low-cost items look much more designer and handcrafted to fit into my global, mid-century modern mix design.

The DIY Projects

  1. Rough around the edges tray revamped with a mid-century modern decorative motif.
  2. Short ready-made curtains and tablecloths sewed together to make custom floor to ceiling panels.
  3. Scratched laminate bookcase finding new life with a gray wash and repurposed as an entertainment center.

These are going to create a one-of-a-kind look for my room.  Now this is the exciting part that I mentioned.  Just watch the transformations.

DIY Mid Century Modern Motif Tray

I picked up this white tray at the OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin for $1.99 with the intention of making it into something special and functional for the TV Room Makeover.

Painting a Tray with a mid-century modern decorative motif - Before

I began by painting the inside of the tray with a blue paint that I had on hand with a sponge brush.  I next touched up the outside with the same white paint I am using in the room for the trim also with a sponge brush.

DIY Mid Century Modern Motif Tray - Painting Steps

On the outside of the tray I used a small liner brush to paint a chevron pattern in charcoal gray paint.  I kept the motif simple and I did not worry about it being too perfect as I wanted a hand crafted feel to it.  After the outside was done, I turned my attention to the inside of the tray.  Using the tip of a paint brush, I dipped it in the white trim paint then tapped it on the inside of the tray over the blue.  I then repeated the dots in a row and continued until the entire blue inside was adorned.  The dot pattern took a little while to do, but the final product turned out amazing.  I finished it off with a spray acrylic finish to protect it from wear.

Painting a Tray with a mid-century modern decorative motif - Finished piece

I love the way this tray turned out and it will be perfect in the entertainment center to hold DVD’s and remotes.

Now this $1.99 tray looks surpasses its original estimated retail price of $9.99 and looks like a designer piece worth at least $25.00

DIY Drapery Panels

My next project is decorative floor to ceiling drapery panels out of the two $7.99/ea gray ready-made panels, the two $7.99/ea navy and white tablecloths, and the $9.99 green tablecloth I picked up at the Goodwill store in Costa Mesa.  The ceiling in the TV Room is 96” high, so by combining the pieces together, I can achieve the look I am going for.  For the top third of the curtains, I will be using the gray ready-mades, then the bottom two-thirds will be the navy and white fabric from the tablecloths.  The green will act as a border between the gray and navy & white.

Ready Made Panels and Tableclothes from Goodwill

Drapery Panels - Concept Drawing

By utilizing the hidden tab header (which is the part that the curtain rod gets attached to) already existing from the gray ready-mades, I will not have to make one on my own.  That is such a time saver.  These panels I got were 80” long and 48” wide.  Although these are perfectly functional panels, by extending the length to 96” to match my ceiling height, it will help draw the eye upwards, making my ceiling appear higher.  Since I will be adding the bamboo shades underneath these, they will be perfect as stationary decorative panels on either side of my wide window.

I cut these gray curtains 32 ½” down from the top, giving me 32” of length plus ½” for seam allowance.

DIY Drapery Panels - Gray Panels to Cut

Next I cut the 58” x 78” navy & white tablecloth to 49” x 64 ½”.  By doing this I have two edges that are still hemmed and two edges that are now raw.

DIY Drapery Panels - Navy and White Tablecoth to Cut

For the green border I wanted a raw edge fringe, so I cut two 2 ½” high by 48” wide pieces, eliminating any hemmed sides.  I pulled several threads from each of the four edges giving it a fringed look.

DIY Drapery Panels - Green Tablecloth to Cut

To hem the longer 64 ½” raw edges of the navy & white fabric, I folded it over ½” and ironed it down.

Then I folded over that ironed ½” an additional ½”, completely hiding the raw edge, and ironed that down.

DIY Drapery Panels - Sewing Hem

At the sewing machine, with the fabric right side up, I set my needle to sew at a ½” and top stitched the entire edge.

These pieces are now the same 48” width as the gray ready-mades.

I next placed the front side of the navy & white fabric down on a flat surface, then laid the cut gray panels with the 48” wide raw edges of both matching up.  When placing the gray panels on top, I made sure it was the front of the panel that was showing with the hidden tabs resting against the navy & white fabric.  Then I pinned the raw edges together.

I set my sewing machine to have the needle at a ½” and sewed the gray and navy & white fabrics together, pulling out the pins as I went.

When I opened them up, the fronts of the panels had the two raw edges sticking out the front.

Now I have two 96” long by 48” wide panels.

DIY Drapery Panels - Sewing Top and Bottom Together

To cover the raw edges between the two fabrics, I placed the green fringed band over the raw edges and pinned it down in place.

I sewed around all four edges of the fringed green bands on both panels to complete the look.

DIY Drapery Panels - Sewing on Band

I hung the panels with simple curtain rods and I think the finished look is absolutely amazing.  This sewing project may have cost me $41.95 total, but these custom multi-fabric 96” long curtains could easily cost $200 for the two panels.

DIY Drapery Panels - Completed

And don’t you think that they look great with the pillow I got at the OC Goodwill Boutique in Tustin?  They were my inspiration for this color combination for the curtains.

DIY Drapery Panels Inspiration from Pillow

DIY Gray Washing Laminate Entertainment Center


Laminate Bookcase from Goodwill ready for a gray wash finish

This bookcase that I found at the Goodwill store in Santa Ana for $29.99 was just what I needed for an entertainment center.  The espresso color was not exactly what I wanted, but I knew that could be changed.  I had been admiring a similar looking piece online with a gray wash that was over $800 and I used it as inspiration for the look I wanted.

I decided to remove the plywood back of the piece by just taking out the screws that were holding it in place.

Most of the piece is laminate, so I took care when I first sanded down the whole thing with a sanding sponge.  I sanded until I could see that the shiny finish was dull, and then wiped it down with a damp cloth to remove all the dust and debris.

I watered down some leftover gray paint I had in my garage and with an old sock, I wiped on the water-paint mixture onto the sanded piece.

After I got the look that I wanted, I let it dry for two days.

I then sprayed the piece with two coats of an acrylic finishing spray that I also had in my stock, allowing it to dry between coats.

DIY Gray Washing Laminate Entertainment Center Steps

Now in place and accessorized, the gray washed piece just adds to the hand crafted feel that I was going for in the TV Room.  The $29.99 I spent on this entertainment center now looks like the $800 inspiration piece.

You can see that along with the painted tray on the middle bottom shelf and the curtains on the right, they are pulling my global, mid-century modern mix design all together.

DIY Gray Washed Laminate Entertianment Center - Completed

I am doing all the finishing touches in the room and can’t wait to show you the entire space on my next post.

#FindTheGood.  Think of Goodwill for your next repurposing project.  Shopping at Goodwill is a triple win: You get big savings, you help the environment by repurposing goods, and you support job creation for your local community.  To learn more about Goodwill of Orange County visit To find a Goodwill location near you, check the location finder.


Janeane Pittman is an Interior Designer based in Orange County, California. She shares her love of interior design with others through DIY and how-to segments. Learn more at  Janeane Pittman Interior Design.


  1. This looks seriously amazing! You have got skills!

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