Thrifty Thursdays with Goodwill of Orange County Vol. V

I don’t know about you, but I have been on a major thrift binge lately. Maybe it’s because I’m moving into a new apartment and can’t wait to start decorating. Or maybe I just having a serious shopping addiction. Hmmm, I’m going to go with the latter of the two.

Because I love showing you all just how easy it is to find cool stuff without spending a fortune, I hit up four amazing Goodwill stores in North Orange County. From Brea and Fullerton to College Plaza and Placentia, check out the awesome finds I uncovered in this week’s edition of Thrifty Thursdays.


Because I adore awesome, eclectic knick knacks, perusing the home goods section is always my favorite part of my weekly trips. For $0.99 a pop, I just had to snatch up this lovely set of long stem glass tealight candle holders; and now I’m currently kicking myself for not buying this pretty tiered cake stand to use as a fun jewelry display.


What girl doesn’t love shoes?! As always, I found another incredible selection of heels, platforms, pumps, flats, and booties in this week’s haul. Still wishing those suede maroon oxfords had been my size!


There is no such thing as having too much kitchenware. No, seriously. You’d be amazed at how cake stands and teapots and ceramic sake bottles can come in handy. And sometimes, even if they aren’t 100 percent useful, they’re still fun to keep for decoration.


Give Back: When you shop at/donate to Goodwill of Orange County, you support an organization that creates jobs for people in your local community who face barriers to employment.

What one-of-a-kind treasures have you found while shopping at your favorite Goodwill stores? Tweet us your best pics at @OCGoodwill for a chance to make it into our #HaulOfFame!

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