Goodwill of Orange County is a DIY Paradise


Hello everyone – Nicole here, from the Wardrobe Code.

I’ve always loved DIY. Even back in tha day (meaning, the 80s), before it was even called DIY, there was always something so alluring to me about collecting materials and supplies to create something truly special.

In junior high, I learned that people love original creations. And, when I would wear my early DIY experiments to school, I would always get compliments. Even if they were a bit wacky, people always seemed to admire the creative spirit of the project.

I know now that it’s the designer in me that loves possibilities. And the crafter in my loves working with my hands.

So recently, some 20 years after junior high, I began keeping clothing and accessories that were falling out of my favor in a safe-keeping spot in my office, because I knew that there would be a time to remake them.

And, just this last week, I finally connected the DIY dots on 2 projects.


I had 2 fabric-wrapped bangle bracelets and 3 pair of earrings in my DIY safe-keeping box – all picked up along the past 3 years shopping at my favorite Goodwill of Orange County stores.

Pro-tip: ALWAYS check the jewelry cases during your thrifting excursions. It’s where I’ve found some of my most treasured accessories.

The bangles needed to be recovered somehow, and the earrings weren’t being worn because they seemed a little dated. So I decided that I would cover each bangle with some ribbon I had on hand.

There’s something about cross grain ribbon (pictured below) that I find so elegant. And, in beige, it’s classy and understated.


I started by eyeballing a yard’s worth of ribbon length – I needed enough to wrap around the bracelet – then I glued the ribbon to the inside of the bangle and started wrapping. To finish, I cut the length so I could glue it to the inside of the bracelet, and secured with a binding clip while the glue dried.

A hot glue gun would have probably been a more efficient choice, but tacky glue worked just fine.

For my second project, I wanted to remake some jewelry using nail polish. I had heard from a friend that you could use nail polish to simulate an enamel-like quality with metal and faux precious stones.


The jewelry project was so easy and the most fun. Turned out, my friend was right! To color metal or stones with nail polish, just dab on lightly – like polishing your nails!

So here is the result!


In addition to the cross grain ribbon, I found some navy satin ribbon to cover another bangle. Where, I wasn’t wearing them at all before, they’ve now become my favorite bracelets.

And, before, the pearl earrings were a bit too dowdy for my style – now, they’re a deep navy.



There is one thing you should understand, though, about DIY – results vary.

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced DIY’er, it’s best to keep your expectations tempered. You just never know how materials will react with one another.

It’s not wise to alter expensive or heirloom pieces, which is why I love using Goodwill of Orange County as my craft supply house.

Also, I feel like it’s not truly DIY if you had to make a special trip to the craft supply store to buy the majority of supplies for the project. Some glue, maybe. But, the less you have to pick up from Michael’s, the better.

So, on your next trip to Goodwill of Orange County, be sure not to overlook pieces which can be remade into something uniquely you!

PS – I’m curating on Pinterest my favorite DIY projects. Check it out!

Goodwill of Orange County has an endless supply of clothing, accessories and jewelry just waiting for you to transform it into something spectacular. And, because most items are under $10, you’ll be able to DIY-it-up to your heart’s content! Plus, when you shop with and donate to Goodwill of Orange County, you support an organization which creates jobs for people in your community who face barriers to employment.

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  1. These turned out great! I’m a fellow Orange County-er..thanks for the great reminder to check out Goodwill of OC 🙂

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