5 Fashion Staples Every Twenty-Something Woman Must Own

With fashion trends constantly changing, revamping your wardrobe every season can wind up being a costly endeavor. However, if you invest your money in timeless pieces, your closet will never go out of style.

Rather than splurging on the basics (because who really needs to fork over 300 bucks on a pair of designer jeans?), Goodwill of Orange County can help you find comparable fashion staples at nearly a fraction of the cost. Not to mention, your shopping gives back to the community: 92% of every incoming dollar directly supports Goodwill’s programs and services, which provide job training and employment services to individuals facing barriers to employment.

From casual classics to polished pieces, check out the 7 items that every twenty-something woman’s closet can’t live without.

(1) Cute Flats
I absolutely love ballet flats. Not only are they way more comfortable than sky-high stilettos, they also add the perfect feminine touch to a plain white tee and skinnies.


(2) Blazer
A girl can never have too many blazers; they can give a quick upgrade almost anything in your closet. Not to mention, they can easily transition from day to night wear.


(3) Little Black Dress
Whether it’s a super fancy cocktail dress or a cute little mini for a Friday night out, a black dress is synonymous with sophisticated style.


(4) Classic Pumps
Every woman deserves to have a basic, these-go-with-everything pair of pumps. You can never go wrong with black or nude; but if you’re feeling daring, opt for a bright color to give a simple outfit a pop of personality.


(5) Leather Jacket
I’m not an advocate for real leather, but I am all about faux. Black and brown are obvious go-to choices, but there’s also something so fun about picking a bold color to give your style a bit of an edge. 


What must-have fashion staples have you found at Goodwill of Orange County? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us at @OCGoodwill.

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