Thrifty Thursdays with Goodwill of Orange County Vol. II

thrifty-thursdays-III have a love affair with all things thrifty. Not only is it financially responsible, it’s also incredibly thrilling when I happen upon something fantastically awesome at a discounted price. It’s kind of like that Forrest Gump saying “Thrift shopping is like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get.” So true, Sally. So true.

This week, I hit up some of my favorite Goodwill of Orange County stores to find a new slew of goodies to share with all of you. From gorgeous glass pieces to nostalgic vintage finds, discover the newest collection of Goodwill treasures in this week’s edition of Thrifty Thursdays.


A rad vintage record player for only $49.99?! That is a serious steal! Honestly, there is nothing quite like listening to Zeppelin on vinyl. If you’re a bonafide music junkie, I suggest you hurry to Goodwill College Plaza and buy it before it’s gone…or before I go back and snatch it for myself.


I have a major obsession with decorative glass objects (jars, vases, bowls, glasses – I love it all), which is probably why I love shopping at Goodwill because it is THE place to find pretty, eclectic pieces to style your home. Note to self: You are an absolute fool for not buying those gorgeous apothecary jars for only $14.99.


Apothecary Jars & Colored Bottles, Anaheim; Coca Cola Glasses, Garden Grove 

I am a total sucker for piggy banks. I’m not sure why – I’ve never been very good at saving money. Nevertheless, they’re great little novelty items that are perfect for decoration in your apartment or dorm. At $2.99, don’t tell me that stegosaurus wouldn’t be ridiculously cute spray painted metallic gold.


Left: College Plaza; Right: Anaheim 

I always find a great assortment of cool furniture when I shop at Goodwill. This week I stumbled upon these six pieces and they were all in nearly perfect condition! Best of all, they were all $69.99 or less.


Left: Boutique; Top middle: College Plaza; Top right: Fullerton;
Bottom right: College Plaza; Bottom middle: College Plaza

Did You Know when you shop at Goodwill of Orange County, 92% of every incoming dollar directly supports Goodwill’s programs and services, which provide job training and employment services to individuals facing barriers to employment?

What one-of-a-kind treasures have you found while shopping at your favorite Goodwill stores? Tweet us your best pics at @OCGoodwill and we’ll share them!

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