Find Winter Wardrobe Staples at Goodwill of Orange County


(Want more thrifted outfit ideas? Check out the “Goodwill OC” app, available at both iOS App Store and Google Play Store.) 

Hi everyone – Nicole here, from the Wardrobe Code.

During my first year of design school, I spent quite a bit of time working on very rudimentary projects. No joke: we’re talking endless compositions of cut paper shapes – squares, circles, triangles.

But, what I didn’t know at the time was that I couldn’t be expected to create magnificent designs I aspired to if I didn’t know how to manage the minutiae of design.

The same is true when building a wardrobe.

To build a great wardrobe, you’ve got to know what staples to look for, not just overall, but each season. Even in Southern California, wear the wrong fabric during the wrong season, and something just feels off.

So, it’s January, and we still have at least 2 and half months to rock out in our “winter” clothes. And winter is all about texture.

Check it out:

Two classics everyone should have are wool houndstooth and herringbone. The most likely application is a blazer and scarves – but women can also find these patterns in skirts and even handbags. Houndstooth is named for the “hooked” shape in the pattern, like a tooth, and herringbone is similar to chevron.

They’re both “micro-patterns,” which means you can pair them with larger patterns and get away with it.


To add serious panache, look for suede and patent leather. Both add a sumptuous, rich look to any outfit. However, suede is notoriously tricky to care for – so just be advised.


Two of my favorite winter textures for women are boucle tweed and metallic knit. Boucle is an exaggerated version of tweed and metallics are always neutrals. Depending on how sparkly they are, you may want to wear them sparingly – although they are neutrals.


For a more preppy and collegiate look, opt for argyle and corduroy. They’re both campus wardrobe staples.


Building your wardrobe from Goodwill of Orange County is affordable and so easy. Most garments are under $10, are only gently used and you spend just as much time in a Goodwill store as you would South Coast Plaza (including parking, etc.). Plus, it’s the most stylish recycling you’ll ever do.

How many of these wardrobe staples do you have? If it’s time to build out your wardrobe, get yourself to a Goodwill of Orange County location where you can find all of the above, and so much more. Plus, when you shop with and donate to Goodwill of Orange County, you support an organization which creates jobs for people in your community who face barriers to employment.

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