Halloween-ify Your Home with Goodwill of Orange County

Hi everyone, Nicole here from The Wardrobe Code!

Much like the 4th of July, Halloween is a holiday that is focused around fun.

We dress up in costumes, eat a ton of candy and decorate around the house to feel festively spooky.

(Even if we forego the trick-or-treat tradition by keeping the porch light off so we can finish the Halloween candy we bought 2 weeks ago. There wasn’t much left anyway.)

But, why buy cheap, temporary Halloween decorations when you can add decor to your home you actually want to keep around through the rest of fall and winter? It’s not like paper Frankenstein garland will useful any other time of year – and it definitely won’t look good after 12 months in storage.

I should also note that avoiding the cycle of buying disposable decor every year from the big box chain store is a much better choice for the environment. In contrast, buying your reusable (and far more sophisticated) decor from Goodwill helps your community.

Double win!

So, my advice: find some spooky-inspired decor from Goodwill of Orange County instead.


Orange and black aren’t the only colors which are reminiscent of Halloween. This green above reminds me of ghostly ectoplasm, and the white vase of cemetary monuments. Put a tea light in that black cage votive and watch as slinky spiderweb shadows dance across the wall.


Easy Halloween Swapout: switch out a photo of a loved one with a scary piece of artwork. Nestle it amongst vases; look for interesting visual textures, like this one above with a smoky, ghostly swirl.


Even so-called dainty objects like this teapot can double as Halloween decor. Against black and silver prints, the handle looks gothic and spooky. Add an adorable, stylized owl to lighten the mood.


And, speaking of candy: don’t use one of those giant plastic bowls. You know the ones; bright orange with ghosts and witches printed on them. Class things up a bit by using a vintage cut glass punch bowl – even if you’re just sharing the aforementioned candy with your spouse in a darkened house to prevent a possible Halloween egging.


It’s not too late to get your Halloween and fall decor! Get yourself to a Goodwill of Orange County location to find great deals on everything you need to get your spooky on. And, remember, when you support Goodwill of Orange County, you help Goodwill find employment to people in your community. Goodwill of Orange County helps people who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs which provides purpose, pride and dignity.

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