Goodwill of Orange County Goes Grassroots for Halloween Marketing


Hi everyone – Nicole here from The Wardrobe Code.

We all know that Goodwill of Orange County is all about making sure everyone has a role and a chance to participate. That same spirit was alive and well early this month when the marketing team joined forces with a few retail associates at the Tustin Boutique for some grassroots marketing.

After seeing several supernatural-inspired videos on the new social media platform, Vine, the marketing department challenged themselves to create a spook-tacular video series to celebrate Halloween.

Using several techniques of smartphone video trickery, the team created a whopping 17 videos of Halloween shenanigans – featuring everything from costumes-come-to-life to a mischievous puppy.

These videos might look like a magical 6 seconds, but they actually take about 30 minutes each to film.

For example, check out this Vine featuring a scary transformation:

(Caution: do not sit too closely to the screen while watching.)

And here is a peek behind-the-scenes of what it actually took to produce that one, 6-second video:

But, just because the task was time-consuming, does not mean that it wasn’t tons of fun.

Joe Burke places the costume back on the subject as he and the girl remain completely still

Joe Burke places the costume back on the subject as he and the girl remain completely still

At the 4-sec mark, we're ready to reveal the mask and the scream!

For this Vine, the team is ready to reveal the mask and the scream at the 4-sec mark

To see more of Goodwill’s Halloween vines, please visit their Vine feed from your mobile phone. For desktops, please use this link.

Don’t be left out on the Halloween fun – there’s still time to get your costume! Visit any of the Goodwill of Orange County locations to find a funky look for your upcoming Halloween parties and costume contests. Also, visit Goodwill’s Facebook  Page to enter their Halloween contest offering great prizes including iPad Minis, iPods and more. Remember, when you shop at Goodwill of Orange County, you not only save a ton of cash, but you help Goodwill provide assistance to people in your community facing barriers to employment. Goodwill of Orange County helps program participants obtain jobs that provide purpose, pride and dignity.

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