Happy Hallo-Meme: 5 Fun DIY Costume Ideas

halloween diy costumes

We’ve all seen our fair share of overused Halloween costumes: a sexy kitten here, a pretty princess there. BOR-ING! It’s time to turn your Halloween style up a notch this year.

Instead of splurging on an overpriced ensemble straight out of the bag, Goodwill can help you piece together the perfect Halloween costume for a fraction of the cost. Best of all, you’re also supporting Goodwill’s job training and work placement programs throughout Orange County. 

The only way to do Halloween right this year is to throw a little pop culture in the mix. From reality TV stars to scene-stealing superstars, here are some original ideas for Halloween costumes that are sure to impress.

The Crew from Orange is the New Black

Grab your best “bad” girlfriends this Halloween and pull off the ladies from Litchfield Penitentiary. All you’ll need is orange or brown scrubs, slip-on Vans (or some sweet duct tape flip-flops), a white t-shirt, and a temporary rose tattoo.

Selina Meyer and Gary from Veep

A nice dress, a pair of classy heels, a pretty pearl necklace, and a big fake smile are all you need to be Ms. Vice President. As for accessories, bring along a man in a nice blue suit to carry around your bag all night and hand you lipstick whenever you need to touch up.

Joanna Rohrback of Prancercise

This is probably one of the easiest and culturally relevant costumes to replicate this year. Channel your inner horse goddess by throwing on a pair of white leggings, a hot pink 80s-inspired top, and some classic white Reeboks. And don’t forget those ankle weights!

The Witches from American Horror Story: Coven

We know what you’re thinking: witches are so overrated. However, not every witch is as fabulously fierce as Jessica Lange. For this devious ensemble, don a tight black pencil skirt, a black peplum top, Jackie O sunglasses, and black leather gloves. Top it all off with a stylish black umbrella.

Robin Thicke & Twerking Miley

Going for the Disney star enduring an embarrassing identity crisis look? We’ve got you covered! Get your twerk on this Halloween by pairing some nude-colored undergarments with a foam finger, gold chain necklace,  and baby buns. As for Robin Thicke, all you’ll need to replicate the outfit is a Beetlejuice costume, a black shirt, and love handles.

How do you like these suggestions? Which one is your favorite? If you have any other great ideas, tell us in the comments or tweet your costume creations to @ocgoodwill.


And now that you have some great costume ideas, join us for some spooky fun in our #BuildAScare DIY Costume Photo Contest. Snap a picture of your costume, submit it to our contest, and you may be one of the two lucky winners of our grand prize package including an iPad Mini, iPod Nano, and a $200 Goodwill gift card.

Get started here: http://bit.ly/18w9GWQ. Good luck, everyone!

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