Why You Should Donate Unneeded Items

Donate to Goodwill

Many people believe in donating their old clothes and items they no longer need to do their “good deed” or “act of kindness.” While those are good reasons, there are many other reasons why you should donate these items.

1. You Help Reduce Landfills
Orange County & Waste Recycling reports that there won’t be new landfills for quite some time. Our recycling efforts cannot come fast enough as landfill trash stays in the environment for a very long time. We can continue to reduce waste by donating our gently used clothing and working and non-working electronics to charity.

2. You Help Someone Who’s Not Able To Buy New
Goodwill is known for their low prices. Where else can you get designer shoes for 10 bucks? I recently bought a summer blouse I fell in love with for $2.50. You really can’t beat the prices. When parents can’t afford buying new clothes for the entire family in this current economy, Goodwill is a heaven-sent. They find great fashions and no one would ever know they only spent a fraction of the price.

3. You Help Support Goodwill’s Cause – To Help People With Barriers Through The Power Of Work
We all know Goodwill provides affordable goods to our community, but it does so much more. Its mission is to help people who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs, which provides purpose, pride and dignity. They train and place members of our community into jobs. Your donations and purchases support this mission.

4. You’re Able To Recycle
Living green has become ever more important. Instead of throwing away old clothing, you “recycle” them by donating them. When you are ready to replace your old electronics, you give them to Goodwill to make space for new ones. But did you know Goodwill accepts non-working electronics? If you have no more use for it, Goodwill still does. Goodwill’s e-waste program allows them to take apart electronics that no longer work and recycle individual components. They also refurbish computer systems which, along with functional electronics, are sold at their stores at low prices.

Next time you have old or non-working electronics that you need to get rid of, think of donating them to Goodwill!

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