Why Thrifting Is Cool

The best thing about thrifting is that you never know what you’re in for. Remember the days when you were little and you went on an adventure with your friends, to find incredible treasures like… colorful rocks and… lost toys and… plastic necklaces. Remember how exciting it was to make these finds?

Treasure Hunt at Goodwill

It’s A Treasure Hunt

Fast-forward to 2013. You no longer find rocks and toys and plastic necklaces on the street. But you can bring the treasure hunt back. How do you do that? By going thrift shopping! Take your friends and go on an adventure to a thrift store or a swap meat or a flea market. There are so many great finds, and you don’t even know what you’re looking for until you see it.

It’s A Great Deal

Thrifting has become the cool thing to do. Spurred much by ‘Storage Wars’ and comparable TV shows, people have gone out in masses to find their own treasures. And when you find treasures at thrift stores, they’re really inexpensive, too. So you’re getting the coolest things – for a really great price. “It was 99 cents!” Right? Isn’t thrifting awesome?

It’s Uniquely You

Not only are your findings cheap, but they’re usually unique, too. How cool is it when you can flaunt your treasure – and you’re the only one who has it! You can create your own personal style with a look that’s uniquely you. Thrifting makes you one of a kind.

It’s For A Good Cause

So why should you go thrifting at Goodwill? Well, for one, Goodwill is one of the largest thrift store chains around, and they get tons of donations every day. So every time you go, you find something new. At the same time, while you are finding treasures and creating your unique style, you’re supporting Goodwill’s mission of helping people who are facing barriers to get and keep jobs. Goodwill believes that the power of work changes lives. When we shop at Goodwill stores, we support their job training and work placement programs throughout Orange County.

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