Goodwill of Orange County Fall Fashion Report

Fall Fashion

Here in the coastal paradise of Orange County, CA, we have the distinct luxury of being able to choose which season we wish to dress for. With the exception of the increasingly predictable annual Indian summers of September, the weather is pretty convenient all year ’round.

Feeling a Christmas Eve beach day? Just don’t forget to bring your wetsuit. Prefer something a little more fall-ish in October? Then get on with your bad self in some seasonal trends. Just don’t forget to dress in layers.

Speaking of trends, I must admit that I’m really enjoying the luxury factor for what is hot for fall, 2013. Rich leather, rich brocade, rich velvet – rich, rich, RICH! So you may be surprised to know that I found all the richest trends for fall at my Goodwill of Orange County location in Costa Mesa.

Take a peek below …

Colored Leather

Sure, black and tan leather are sensible classics. But how much more fun is an accessory when it’s leather in an unexpected color?! My favorites this season are oxblood and emerald.



Women have been borrowing men’s pinstripes since who-knows-when. This season, be on the lookout for all menswear prints and loafers with girly accents.



Texture – any kind – automatically equals warmth. Although it may not really get cold enough in Orange County to need that extra warmth, a bit of texture pairs well with an overcast day. Look for luxurious textures like suede, brocade, velvet and tweed/bouclé.

goodwill-fall-fashion-texture1 goodwill-fall-fashion-texture2


For fall 2013, we’re keeping an eye out for anything geometric, inspired by architectural prints of the 50s and 60s and in bold colors. No doubt, this is an influence from the AMC series, Mad Men.

goodwill-fall-fashion-prints1 goodwill-fall-fashion-prints2
Whether you’re strutting down a runway, or just through the halls of your school or office, don’t be afraid to get fully expressed with fashion. When you shop at Goodwill of Orange County, you not only save a ton of cash, but you help Goodwill provide assistance to people in your community facing barriers to employment. Goodwill of Orange County helps program participants obtain jobs that provide purpose, pride and dignity.

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